Unflappable Ananya Vinay Wins National Spelling Bee

Vinay got the opportunity to deliver the finishing blow when Rajeev incorrectly spelled "marram", a kind of beach grass.

Held at Washington's Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, the competition saw many great, wonderful kids.

"Language of origin?" she asks.

"We have a challenge for you", Alisyn Camerota said.

Ananya has honed up her skills at national bee round for Indian-Americans, the North South Foundation and the South Asian Spelling Bee contest but she never won any of those contests before claiming the national bee contest this year. She then survived a brutal victory bum rush on the part of her father to the stage, and gave an interview in which she demonstrates a clear commitment to giving zero fucks about the pressure. "I'm so happy right now", holding her trophy and surrounded by her brother and parents.

Vinay, Rajeev, Shourav Dasari and Mira Dedhia were the final four in the competition, and it took a long time for any of them to drop out with several rounds of flawless spelling.

"It was interesting to go back-and-forth for so many rounds", she said.

Vinay is the first female to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee outright since Snigdha Nandipati won the bee in 2012.

"Congratulations to our 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion, Ananya Vinay". And she'll have to find time to watch her beloved Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals while enjoying the champion's whirlwind media tour.

But the fake word puzzled the girl, who gamely followed Spelling Bee protocol.

The National Spelling Bee has been dominated by Indian-Americans in the recent past, and this year's win is the thirteenth consecutive win by an Indian American in the competition.

Whoever takes the title, he or she will be the first outright victor in a while. Her mother, Lekshmi Nair, competed from 1988-1990 but never came close to the title.

Vanya Shivashankar was co-winner of the bee in 2015.

Along with 100 other spellers, little Edith's test score wasn't high enough to make the finals.

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  • Larry Hoffman