Twenty casualties in terror attacks on London Bridge

London resident Dee, 26, said she was sure it was a terror attack as the van careered southwards over London Bridge.

In March, a van plowed into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, while just two weeks ago a suicide bomber killed 22 at Manchester Arena.

"We can confirm we have taken at least 20 patients to six hospitals across London", the London Ambulance Service said in a statement.

The white van injured several people on London Bridge as it deliberately swerved into groups of people at speed, said eyewitnesses.

British Transport Police said there were reports of "multiple" casualties but that the seriousness of the injuries was not yet known.

Members of the public were seen leaving the scene wrapped in foil emergency blankets. Officers rushed into the nearby Katzenjammers bar and ordered people to sit on the floor, patron Paul Connell told CNN.

"TELL - the police by calling 999 when it is safe to do so".

Italian photographer and documentary maker Gabriele Sciotto, who was watching the football at the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market, said he saw three men shot just outside the pub.

Police received reports of a van speeding into pedestrians on London Bridge at 10:08pm (2108 GMT). "We have armed police at the scenes", London's Metropolitan Police tweeted.

The London Ambulance Service said at least 20 injured people had been taken to six hospitals, and British media said several people had been killed.

The United Kingdom is reeling after a series of terrorist attacks Saturday evening.

"A man suddenly appeared in the restaurant with a massive knife - some people in the restaurant believe there may have been another man - but it was so chaotic it was hard to tell", the witness said. Rowley said the attackers were dead in eight minutes.

"Then three men got out with long blades, 12 inches long and went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people at random".

The force initially said officers were also responding to a reported third incident, in the Vauxhall area of London. "The Uber stopped, we asked people what was going on - people said there was shooting", said Yoann Belmere, 40, a French banker living in London.

Both lanes of the bridge were blocked, police said.

Police were called to London Bridge at 22.08pm.

Condemning the incident in the strongest of terms, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said there was "no justification whatsoever for such barbaric acts".

The attacker, identified as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, detonated a home-made bomb in the arena's foyer as crowds were leaving a performance by United States singer Ariana Grande late in the evening.

Bursts of gunfire echoed through the streets - likely from armed police - and at least three blasts rang out as police performed controlled explosions.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said the incidents are being treated as a "potential act of terrorism".

A charity concert for victims of the Manchester attack, featuring Grande and other stars, is due to be held in the northwest English city on Sunday.

  • Leroy Wright