Sean Spicer Says 'Small Group' Know What Trump's Covfefe Tweet Meant

President Donald Trump's former campaign manager says he'd be willing to join the White House staff if "the right role is there".

But this is the Trump White House we're talking about.

And on Tuesday, Michael Dubke, his communications director, resigned after being on the job for just three months.

In talks with Kislyak in December, Kushner floated the possibility of setting up a secure line of communication between the Trump transition team and Russia - and having those talks take place in Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States, essentially concealing their interactions from U.S. government scrutiny.

The Russian probes swirling around the White House are having a chilling effect on the Trump administration's attempts to fill hundreds of positions, according to a report on Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed up 45 minutes late to an off-camera press gaggle Wednesday afternoon, where he then proceeded to flee the podium after taking barely seven minutes worth of questions. Shortly after the election, Kushner allegedly discussed setting up a secret communications channel with the Russian government to facilitate sensitive discussions about the conflict in Syria.

"What your question assumes is a lot of facts that are not substantiated by anything but anonymous sources that are so far being leaked out", he told a news briefing.

To confirm the news, Counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox: "What I will say is that he has expressed his desire to leave the White House and made very clear that he would see through the President's worldwide trip".

White House aides hope that Mr. Kasowitz, who has advised Mr. Trump for years, can get through to the president - and that if Mr. Kasowitz leads a vigorous public defense, the president may not feel the need to do it himself.

During a press briefing which the White House unsurprisingly chose to hold without cameras present, a reporter pressed him on the matter.

"Can you imagine anybody outside the president's immediate family and political advisers who would be able to keep security clearances after failing to disclose meetings with Putin's confidantes?"

Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News the White House will continue to bring in Cabinet secretaries and other top officials to handle news briefings on topics in their patch. So who will take his place?

The controversy surrounding the Russian Federation links gained added momentum after Trump sacked FBI Director James Comey earlier this month, leading to allegations by critics that the president sought to hamper the agency's probe into the issue.

Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also reportedly looking into a December meeting between Kushner and a former intelligence officer appointed by Vladimir Putin as CEO of a Russian state-owned bank that is under US sanctions and was implicated in a 2015 espionage case.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus thanked Dubke in a statement and said Dubke had "offered to remain onboard until a transition is concluded". This exit is believed to be a part of broader staff changes as President Trump tries to limit political damage from investigations into the role of Russian Federation in his presidential campaign. The Washington Post has reported that the meeting was likely on December 13 or 14 based on Gorkov's flight records, but CNN has not independently confirmed that information. The White House declined to comment, saying Cohen is not an employee of the administration.

  • Leroy Wright