Pence hits media circuit to defend Trump's Paris accord exit

As Trump's aides explain his decision to leave the agreement - despite protests from members of his own administration, environmental experts, corporate titans and fellow foreign leaders - they have danced around the issue that is at its heart: climate change. But, I am also hopeful.

His state is joining ranks with Washington and NY in what is being called the United States Climate Alliance (USCA). "The Paris agreement is irreversible and will be implemented because it is our responsibility", he said. I've answered the question a couple times. She said the withdrawal compounded suspicions about US leadership since Trump left the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and questioned the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pruitt ignored this question as well. Others would argue that even to begin to negotiate would be to deliver Trump an ill-deserved political "win".

The lesson for journalists is that Trump's beliefs aren't where we should be focusing, but rather his actions.

Fourth reporter: You're the EPA administrator. Pruitt said his recent focus was on the Paris climate agreement.

In Trump's speech announcing the planned withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement, the president said: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris". "We reject your disdain for the wellbeing of those suffering from the impacts of a changing climate", said Meyaard-Schaap. Last month, President Xi Jinping hosted more than 20 world leaders for a show case of its economic initiative to build infrastructure linking Asia and Europe. You know, people have called me a climate skeptic or a climate denier. Even the Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, who oversees the Forest Service, said in a statement on Thursday that "the Earth's climate has been changing since the planet was formed".

Tesla's iconic founder Elon Musk carried through his threat to quit the President's business advisory council if Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, as did Disney's Robert Iger.

After the president's speech, the White House arranged a briefing for reporters with two officials but insisted that neither be named in reports.

Yet the study has had little effect, considering that Pruitt made the same erroneous statements again today.

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that the USA withdrawal won't prevent the rest of the world from pressing ahead with efforts to curb global warming. That commitment has much of the world now looking to Beijing, which wants to assert itself on the global stage. "I think there are cycles", Walberg said.

The concept that liberal climate change policies actually hurt the poor is echoed by Cornell University Professor Ravi Kanbur, whose findings assert that "efforts to mitigate climate change frequently force governments to enact policies that hurt the poor".

He said it's hard to measure "with precision the extent of human influence" on the climate, which is not actually true.

John Sterman, an MIT researcher who works to analyze climate change scenarios, and Andrew Jones, a researcher with the think tank Climate Interactive, told the Washington Post that their analysis shows that the current country level pledges under the Paris agreement would reduce the planet's warming by the year 2100 down from 4.2 degrees Celsius (7.56 degrees Fahreheit) to 3.3 degrees Celsius (5.94 degrees Fahrenheit), or almost a full degree.

  • Leroy Wright