New Mutants Cast Adds Newcomer Blu Hunt as Moonstar

The film is now set to star Anya Taylor-Joy (Split, The Witch) as Magik, Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who) as Wolfsbane, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things, Shut In) as Cannonball, and Henry Zaga (13 Reasons Why) as Sunspot.

The cast of the new X-Men spin-off film, New Mutants, has expanded once again.

"Fox/Marvel redefines the superhero genre once again with the horror thriller, The New Mutants". The plot is rumored to involve five teenage mutants held in a secret facility trying to get a handle on their risky powers. Mutants are at their most unsafe, both to themselves and others, when their powers are new, especially because mutation reveals itself during the teenage years. Rosario Dawson is also in talks while 13 Reasons Why actor Henry Zaga is a recent addition as well. The exception to this is, of course, Anya Taylor-Joy, who's gained plaudits for her turns in The Witch and Split. Also, remember that time she got Asgardian powers? Blu Hunt, best known for her recurring role as The Hollow on The CW's vampire TV series The Originals, has joined the movie as Danielle Moonstar/Mirage. Zaga is playing Sunspot, a self-styled ladies man who hails from Brazil. "Mirage's mutant power give her the psychic ability to create illusions of her opponents" fears or wishes. CAA signed the actress hot off the search.

Filming for "New Mutants" will start in July and it is scheduled to hit theaters on April 13, 2018.

If the film captures the tone of this story, it could be more in the vein of Logan or the FX series Legion, instead of the standard X-Men film fare. When they disappear on a hunting trip soon after, she assumes that through her mutant power she may have caused their deaths.

Hunt is additionally repped by Brett Cates at Rothman/Andres Entertainment.

  • Salvatore Jensen