Lynda Carter Gives Gal Gadot Her Blessing for 'Wonder Woman' Role

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is known to be the most famous heroine of all time and has been released as a real action movie.

With the stellar reviews, solid preview box office and growing DC universe, it feels like a certainty that Wonder Woman will come back for a second solo movie.

From critiques on Wonder Woman's outfit, her super powers, and the villains she faces off against, Gadot and her crew back their heroine with the flawless one-two punch to get haters to finally sit the hell down. "We're here to try to carry forth something so handsome that she really brought into the world and we just want it to go into the future".

It seems pretty much everyone is pumped for Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, which opens today.Wonder women - Here are the past and current portrayals of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is proving to be an early critical success. Yes, you would think a flawless character would make a very boring character, but that is definitely not the case here. And even if she can't quite see herself as Wonder Woman - a Lynda Carter for the next generation - wearing the costume brings her the closest. While Gadot's boobs aren't as big as some of us may have hoped they would be (perhaps it might be better in 3D?), she is excellent at playing Diana, who is stupid. And in November, we'll see how she helps Batman put together the team for Justice League.

Art by J.G. Jones
Art by J.G. Jones

Warner Bros. latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe could be the beginning of a brand new franchise.

At one point in the film, Diana states to Steve Trevor (played humorously by Chris Pine) that man is not inherently evil and has done great things. As any fan of The Americans will tell you, Russell certainly has the strength (both physical and in personality) to play an Amazon warrior.

Though Warner Bros. have yet to greenlight a sequel, director Patty Jenkins has previously spoken about her intentions to continue telling the story of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Fighting alongside men in the war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.

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