Indian PM, French leader talk climate in Paris

Modi's comments came two days after President Donald Trump announced the United States would leave the accord.

Speaking at a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Modi described the agreement as part of "our duty to protect Mother Earth".

PARIS U.S. cities, states and businesses can fulfil commitments made by the United States under the Paris climate change agreement even though the U.S. has withdrawn from the pact, former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg said in Paris.

The Russian leader, who is keen to try to fix battered U.S. -Russia ties, said he thought there was no point dwelling on Trump's decision since the U.S. leader may be of the view that the necessary financial and other resources needed to comply with the accord may not be sufficient. Macron said India's defense minister will be in Paris next week and the economy minister would be visiting before the end of the month.

His announcement triggered a furious backlash from global leaders, including the Chinese premier who said Beijing "will steadfastly" implement the Paris climate pact.

Trump said he made the decision to protect US industries and jobs, but by pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, the USA could lose it top spot as a climate action leader and cede jobs to China and Europe as they ramp up clean energy technology investments, Sterman said. They are investing in our country, we are investing there.

He said, India wants to improve cultural relations between the two countries.

He said terrorism is visible and it affects entire world, including France and India.

Modi said that several Indians fought in the first two world wars for world peace.

Complimenting Macron on his electoral victory, Modi expressed the hope that the French leader's "energetic, visionary and young leadership" would provide strong and successful helming for not only France but also contribute to a strong European Union to maintain a balance in the global order.

At a time when we mark 70 years of strong ties with Russian Federation, I am happy to be here among you, said the Prime Minister. "What we got from our ancestors, it becomes our responsibility to give pure water and pure air to the coming generations and the future world", he said. Trump said the agreement unfairly benefited countries like India and China.

He said he planned a visit to India before year-end for a first summit of the International Solar Alliance, an initiative launched by New Delhi and Paris during the Paris climate talks.

Arriving at the presidential palace the 66-year-old Indian nationalist hugged 39-year-old Macron, in scenes contrasting with Macron's clenched-jawed, white-knuckle handshake with Trump in Brussels last week.

  • Leroy Wright