Hundreds of Juventus fans injured in Turin stampede

Hundreds of Juventus fans watching the Champions League final in one of Turin's main squares were injured when loud bangs created a panic and mayhem.

Panic spread through a throng viewing the Champions League soccer final in a Turin square on Saturday and prompted a stampede that injured more than 1,000, authorities said.

Local reports have claimed that people were panicked when firecrackers were set off, prompting a surge in the crowd.

Three people were in a serious but not life-threatening condition, including a young boy.

Thousands of fans had gathered to watch the Champions League final on a giant screen in San Carlo Square.

We will remind, real Madrid beat Juventus 4:1 in the final of the Champions League for the first time in the history of the second year in a row became the victor of the tournament.

AFP reporters witnessed the chaotic scenes that ensued in a packed square 10 minutes before the end of the match on Saturday evening.

"I have got blood on me from the people who fell on top of me, people were screaming, jumping over each other", he told AFPTV.

It has also been reported that a railing at the top of a stairwell leading to an underground auto park gave way, causing people to run to safety.

She was then due to visit the local hospital where the seven-year-old boy was being treated.

Marco Gulini said he was pushed to the ground by the surging crowd. "It was very stressful", added Gaetan.

  • Julie Sanders