House intel panel approves subpoenas for Flynn, Trump lawyer Cohen

The probe is looking into any possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

"I don't take much" from the subpoenas issued related to unmasking requests, Deitz said.

Comey reportedly has notes of a February 14 encounter with Trump in which he says the president urged him to back off the FBI investigation of Flynn.

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Other agencies subpoenaed were the National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA. The associate did say that Robert Mueller, whom the Justice Department appointed earlier this month to lead the government's inquiry, is allowing Comey to make certain statements. In Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov complained that "the threat of leaks" from the White House undermines cooperation between the two countries.

The scope of Comey's testimony was not exactly clear, though Mueller was permitting him to speak publicly, an associate told the AP.

Mueller's investigation could include a look at the circumstances of Comey's firing, especially since Trump has said publicly that he was thinking of "this Russian Federation thing" when he made the move.

The House intelligence committee has also sought information from Epshteyn, a former staffer in the Trump White House.

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates' public testimony that she warned the White House that Flynn could become a target for Russian blackmail because he never disclosed his talks with the Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak.

Earlier Tuesday, The Associated Press reported, citing a congressional aide, that the House intelligence committee had subpoenaed Cohen. Nunes recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation after he was criticized for being too close to the White House. Of the seven subpoenas issued, four were related to the Russian probe and three were related to "unmasking" done by Obama officials.

The subpoenas are part of an effort by congressional investigators to obtain testimony, personal documents and business records from Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and their business firms. Mr. Brennan, Ms. Rice and Ms. Power didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. But authorized US officials can request that the names be revealed to them - a process known as "unmasking" - if knowing the name is necessary to understand the intelligence. "Susan Rice has been a perennial target for the GOP for whatever reason".

The subpoenas related to unmasking requests were reportedly made by Republicans on the committee interested in examining whether the requests were politically motivated, The Journal reported.

Nunes has unilateral authority on the House intelligence committee to issue subpoenas, although the committee's rules recommend he consult with the top Democrat as well, who is now Schiff.

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