German envoy to US downplays Trump-Merkel tensions

"I think the relationship that the President has had with Merkel he would describe as fairly unbelievable", Spicer said at the daily press briefing when asked about Merkel.

Modi's public support comes at a crucial time for Merkel, who has been fighting secessionist tendencies within the bloc since Britain made a decision to leave the 28-member grouping through a referendum in June a year ago.

In Rome, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said he agreed with Merkel that Europe needed to forge its own path.

Modi welcomed a stronger global role for the European Union and lauded the bloc's most powerful leader.

He explained the huge synergy that exists between German capabilities and Indian requirements. "It's six against one", Merkel said.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel unleashed a volley of criticism against US President Donald Trump, slamming his "shortsighted" policies that have "weakened the West" and hurt European interests. She was aware of the explosiveness of her words, coming as they did at a political rally in the run-up to the next national elections on September 24, when she will run against veteran European parliamentarian Martin Schulz. Trump has vowed to walk away from the historic Paris deal while Merkel supports the agreement.

Europe needs to step up its presence on the worldwide stage, for example by bringing about solutions to issues such as the Libya conflict, migration and economic problems including unemployment, she said.

"We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands", she said on Sunday and echoed the sentiment again during her press conference with PM Narendra Modi.

"The times when we could fully rely on others are to some extent over", Merkel said.

"Others", in this case, seems to be a euphemism; Merkel was clearly talking about the U.S., according to The Washington Post. The frustrations started in Belgium when United States president renewed his harsh criticism against Germany's trade surplus.

Trump used his first morning tweet to lash out at the European powerhouse, noting the United States has "a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany" and griping that the Germans "pay FAR LESS than they should on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation & military".

Trump sent out a tweet directed towards Germany Tuesday morning, continuing to fuel concern of the relationship between the USA and Germany. And Trump's repeated tweets denouncing the probes as "fake news" resulting from Democratic Party excuses for losing the election only strengthen the view he is more concerned about that than doing what he was elected to do.

After the G7 summit concluded in Sicily, and with the absence of a Trump statement on the Paris Climate Agreement, Merkel blatantly criticized the new United States president's policy.

"We are living in times of global uncertainty and see that we have a responsibility to expand our partnership in all the different areas and to push for a world order based on law", she said. "But the importance we put on these ties can not mean that we abandon fundamental principles such as our commitment to fight climate change and in favour of open societies and free trade", he said.

She was also well aware that Germany is dependent on the United States in such areas as security, defence, and intelligence work.

  • Larry Hoffman