EU's Juncker opens China summit vowing to uphold Paris deal

The European Union and China, meanwhile, will reaffirm their commitment to the Paris climate change accord this week regardless of whether the USA pulls out of the pact, a senior EU official said.

China says it will work with the European Union to uphold the worldwide agreement on climate change even if the USA pulls out.

The European Union and China will give their unconditional backing to the Paris climate accord at a bilateral summit in Brussels on Friday, whether or not the United States leaves the pact, an EU official said Wednesday, May 31.

"There is no reverse gear to the energy transition".

"The Paris Agreement will continue with full force of implementation even if the USA pulls out", he added. Measures were also being investigated to allow German firms to limit their transfer of technology to China, Handelsblatt said.

China filed challenges at the WTO in December against the European Union and the US, charging its Western trading partners with breaching the pact's rules by levying antidumping measures that don't apply to China.

The EU-China bilateral statement was a key sign of the diplomatic re-shuffling likely to come in the wake of President Trump's dramatic announcement at the White House.

Li hopes his visit could further promote China-EU relations in a stable and in-depth way, while boosting both sides' confidence in stability, cooperation and development. He said if there is backing for new sanctions at the Security Council, where China wields a veto, China "will act accordingly".

Europe and China will also expand their cooperation on developing carbon markets, so-called emissions trading systems.

Maintaining and extending its current strong position in China is crucial for Germany's auto industry, led by Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE), Daimler and BMW, and its broader economy.

"We count on China's continued support to achieve these objectives", he said.

In addition to expanding its global economic reach in the wake of the United States climate pivot,'s Isabel Hilton said China will now also be looking to expand its diplomatic influence.

"[The US] has detonated this awesome wave of support and deepened commitment, it's just fantastic", Figueres said.

The flurry of visits come as concern grows in traditionally Atlanticist Germany at Trump's forthcoming announcement on the Paris Climate Accord, created to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions scientists blame for rising sea levels and droughts. But she is happy with how global leaders have reacted to the move in Washington.

U.S. media reported Wednesday that Trump had chose to pull his country out of the accord but the unpredictable United States tycoon indicated he would keep the world guessing for another few days.

India's Prime Minister this week re-affirmed its commitment to the agreement in a meeting with German Chancelor Angela Merkel.

"China will stand by its responsibilities on climate change", he told reporters in Berlin, according to a German translation.

  • Leroy Wright