Comedian Kathy Griffin addresses her controversial Trump tweet

Griffin stood by her apology and said she never intended the image to come across as a threat to the president, or suggest that she advocated violence against anyone.

"I thought about Megyn Kelly, and I thought about the blood coming from everywhere", Griffin said.

Griffin appeared surprised at the number of cameras and reporters in a packed conference room at her lawyer's office in Los Angeles, her hands shaking at one point when she took a sip of water. I am sorry. I went too far. "He broke me." Then again, she also retorted in the morning: "He picked the wrong redhead". "I'm a comic, I cross the line, I move the line, then I cross it".

"I'm gonna make fun of him more now", Griffin said of Trump, adding, "I shouldn't have to die for this", referring to death threats she says she's received.

Griffin said despite the backlash, she won't stop using Trump in her comedy sketches. We didn't kill anybody nor do I feel anybody should be killed.

Outside of LAX on Friday (June 2), Hughley questioned the outrage surrounding Griffin's gesture and thinks people should've been up in arms when Ted Nugent reportedly threatened to kill former President Barack Obama. "If I could redo the whole thing I'd have a blowup doll and no ketchup".

Kathy Griffin's photo of a bloody and headless Donald Trump was the talk of the town Tuesday, and people on both sides of the aisle pretty quickly agreed that it was tasteless and unfunny.

"What's happening to me has never happened ever, in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever", she said.

After vast backlash, Kathy is fighting back, starting with a press conference in L.A., where she told "Extra" and other reporters, "I'm not afraid of Donald Trump... he's a bully". CNN already said earlier this week Griffin would no longer co-host its live New Year's Eve special, another show was cancelled at a New Mexico casino and an endorsement deal with Squatty Potty also ended.

President Trump responded to the work by tweeting that the comedian "should be ashamed of herself".

She said a number of Griffin's engagements have been canceled and blamed Trump for CNN's decision to sever its relationship with the comedian, saying: "Criticize the president; lose your job".

"I am a woman in a very male-dominated industry and field", Griffin said.

  • Salvatore Jensen