Coal industry welcomes Donald Trump's climate change move

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said Friday Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement was courageous and urged Americans not to apologize for the decision.

Why is the US paying other countries to reduce their emissions? "Even though this administration keeps saying that climate action is somehow bad for the economy, most USA companies don't agree with that assessment".

As of June 2, 83 American mayors, including those leading the U.S. six largest cities, have signed a declaration committing to "adopt, honor, and uphold Paris Climate Agreement goals".

Patricia Espinosa, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, called the Bloomberg Philanthropies financial commitment "crucial".

He said MA will continue its commitment to exceed the emission reduction targets of the Paris compact.

Trump said on Thursday that the US will leave the Paris climate deal, making it one of three countries-along with Syria and Nicaragua, the latter of which didn't believe the pact went far enough-to hold out of the deal.

"The nations that remain in the Paris agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created", Obama said.

The Paris Agreement, which will be fully operational by 2020, is premised on contributions determined by countries themselves, towards collectively agreed global goals.

He said he pulled out because the deal was bad for the US economy and unfair, imposing more burdens on the USA than top polluters China and India.

Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who Forbes estimates has amassed a $50 billion fortune, said on Twitter the world "can't wait for governments to act on climate change". The mayors of those cities, however, said they disagreed with Trump's decision.

In Germany, a statement issued by seven Social Democratic Ministers in Chancellor Angela Merkel's Left-Right coalition Government said the United States "is harming itself, we Europeans and all the people of the world".

It aims to reduce planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions and establishes a specific set of tools to help countries cut carbon gas discharges into the atmosphere.

"We are convinced that the implementation of the Paris Agreement offers substantial economic opportunities for prosperity and growth in our countries and on a global scale", the three leaders said.

  • Larry Hoffman