Blasting Klay Thompson's Game 1 performance means you don't fully understand basketball

So what will they do now?

Beaten previous year by Cleveland's historic comeback, the Warriors will try to avenge that defeat and get back on top when they face the Cavaliers again, the first time two teams have met three straight times in the NBA Finals.

LeBron James had a simple explanation for what stood out in Game 1 of the NBA Finals: KD. Their matchup with the Golden State Warriors will mark the first time in league history that the same two teams meet in the championship round for three straight years.

But Mike Brown, the assistant coach who has guided the Warriors to an 11-0 playoff mark in Kerr's absence, still plans on guiding Golden State as he did in Thursday's 113-91 game one victory over the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. "And if he - when he takes it personal like that and he accepts the challenge, we're a damn good defensive team". There's nothing that really needs to be said. "We didn't play as well as we know we're capable of, so we look forward to the next one". "But we can play better". They've gone undefeated in the playoffs after completing the best three-year stretch in the history of the regular season. The Warriors will have eight unrestricted free agents at season's end.

The pop star provided ample entertainment during the blowout by beefing with the fans, distracting broadcasters and talking trash with Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.

"I'm cool", he said. "There's no way you're going to win a game with 20 turnovers against this team and on the road". You're not going to see us getting ahead of ourselves. You got to really get out here and get a chance to do it firsthand. "There's no time to be disappointed", Irving said."They capitalized on our mistakes, a lot of easy baskets we can't allow going into game two". That's where Brown will be looking to see how Cleveland adjusts. "As long as they stay healthy, what they have is just too much, and I think they'll walk away with the title".

It underscores the difficulty of the proposition facing Cleveland now. Durant was incredible, James' supporting cast shot poorly from the field and Cleveland's defense was overwhelmed by Golden State. Kyle Korver and Daron Williams both went scoreless in a combined 38 minutes of action.

Using each player's total points, rebounds, and assists per 36 minutes, as well as Player Efficiency Rating, which measures a player's all-around contributions, the two stars have produced almost identical career arcs, with both peaking and declining at the same ages. Kevin Love, an absolute, if they got swamped here, he'd be back on the trade market.

"They won't have 20 turnovers next game, so we can't rely heavily on that", Warriors guard Klay Thompson said Friday on a media teleconference. "That's when they become very unsafe because those guys, they sprint down the lane, they sprint to the 3-point line, they put a lot of pressure on your defense".

  • Julie Sanders