A look at the damage of Illinois' 3-year budget impasse

Democrats approved versions of both which Rauner says aren't sufficient. The tax hike was passed despite that the majority of Illinoisans against it.

So instead of passing a budget by the statutory May 31 deadline, Harris says House Democrats will convene a series of hearings this month.

An education appropriations committee voted 13-7 Tuesday to advance Homewood Democratic Rep. William Davis' proposal to the floor for Wednesday's final scheduled day of the spring legislative session. "We need property tax relief but they wouldn't do it". Why didn't we debate and vote on this in February?

The state has been without a budget for two years. "This is a last minute ploy to shove a massive tax hike down the throats of hard-working Illinoisans". This is a dereliction of duty on the part of the majority in the General Assembly.

"I understand that that is happening outside of this building, but we have got to stay focused on the goal", said Rep. Sara Wojcicki-Jiminez, R-Springfield.

Ironically, some of the state senators boasted that they wanted to raise taxes. She led a task force studying how to reduce Illinois' most-in-the-nation number of local governments. The state's minimum wage is $8.25 per hour at this time.

"House Democrats know that the only way we can get a budget is by working in a bipartisan manner with cooperation and compromise".

"A stopgap (budget) is a mistake". Another change ensures new state money goes to the neediest districts regardless of whether the state fails to meet its obligated spending. But the cheers, backslaps and handshakes as it was approved in both the House and Senate were severely muted mid-Thursday by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's promise not to sign it.

"Illinois businesses are really sick and exhausted of what they're seeing going on", said Greg Baise, president and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association.

Brian Mackey reports on how the legislature and governor's failure to pass a budget resulted in immediate downgrades for IL government. "Instead, the majority in the general assembly passed phony bills trying to manage phony headlines, rather than trying to solve the real problems of the people of IL".

"This entire budget started in the wrong place". Moreover, the suffering caused by agencies forced to slash their own budgets and cut programs will more than likely reach Dickensian levels sooner rather than later. The governor said all along he would only sign a budget with tax increases if it included reforms like workman's comp or a property tax freeze, two things Democrats have passed but the governor said the bills don't go far enough.

Centers aimed at helping small businesses thrive in IL have also had a hard time, with closures during the impasse. Legislative Republicans have insisted a 32 percent increase in the personal income tax rate, from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent, be a part of taxpayer parity with the adoption of a local property tax freeze.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has turned thumbs down on that plan because lawmakers have not given him the "structural" reforms he desires in return.

  • Zachary Reyes