World leaders slam Trump's Paris climate decision as 'extremely regrettable'

President Trump announces the pulling out of the Paris climate agreement on June 1, 2017.

Speaking to European business leaders alongside Li, Juncker said EU-China ties are underpinned by "a rules-based worldwide system".

Tillerson said people need to recognize that the USA has a "terrific record" of reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, adding that it is "something I think we can be proud of".

"The pledge aims to fill a significant funding gap that comes as a result of President Donald Trump's announced withdrawal from the Paris agreement and proposed steep budget cuts for global programs, including on climate", the Bloomberg Philanthropies statement reads.

In a formal announcement, President Trump defended his controversial decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement by citing a dubious campaign promise to the American worker. "This will ensure that we're well on our way to meeting Philadelphia's current long-term goal of reducing the city's emissions 80 percent by 2050".

Baker and Scott last month urged Trump to continue the US commitment to the climate agreement.

The reverberations of the USA president's announcement on Thursday were felt across the world yesterday, with German chancellor Angela Merkel leading the charge.

Baker had said he was disappointed in Trump's decision and committed to promoting clean energy and reduced carbon emissions in MA, but demurred when asked earlier in the day about joining the coalition. The school noted yesterday that the number cited by Trump is "misleading" because it measures the Paris agreement's incremental impact over a previous Copenhagen agreement, and that it assumes the countries will not strengthen their commitments to fighting climate change after 2030.

Trump has said "I'm not a believer in global warming".

The city council member, who said he uses a clothesline to dry his clothes, doesn't think climate change will kill the planet. She said, "We need this Paris Agreement to protect creation, and nothing can or will hold us back".

Plank is one of several CEOs to speak out against Trump's decision.

"We're getting out, but we will start to negotiate and see if we can make a deal that's fair", Trump said.

Thirty cities, three states, more than 80 university presidents, and more than 100 companies recently launched another group with similar goals.

  • Arturo Norris