Wonder Woman producer has high hopes for potential sequel

A gravity-defying girl with bullet-proof bracelets just wants to have fun in director Patty Jenkins' muscular introduction to the DC Comics warrior princess.

Jenkins had the idea for a Wonder Woman film in the works since 2004, but she says there was a lack of "confidence" in female superheroes at the time.

For starters, Wonder Woman isn't quite as dark as the other DC movies that have come before it which is a very good thing in my eyes.

The film is generating lots of buzzes as the film received the positive response from the critics along with the impressive ratings and the film is also getting a highly positive response from the audience. the film is expected to receive a grand opening at the box office.

Wonder Woman, of course, escapes with Trevor to Britain - in the midst of a raging war. It's a moment that alone is worth the price of admission - and I believe it will go on to be remembered as one of, if not the greatest moment in the history of the superhero genre. Diana too wanted to experience the superhero experience and she finally gets the opportunity during the First World War when Chris Pine who plays a role of British spy tries to escape from German forces but he crashes on the island of Themiscyra where he told Diana about the war and she determines to support him in the war and gets ready to fight with Ares, the god of war.

"The first time I tried the costume was for 'Batman v Superman, ' and it was tight and it was different", she said. "What's that?" she asks, walking in on Steve having a bath.

"Wonder Woman really surprised me". The movie is directed by Patty Jenkins whose 2003 film, Monster, was a critical success and earned Charlize Theron the Best Actress Oscar that year. "The world of men don't deserve you", Hippolyta would tell Diana. Then she took a giant leap and landed a role, that of Gisele, in the Fast the Furious film series, the fourth and the fifth part. Many more laughs were had, thanks to her questions. Yet she doesn't let her fear stop her - rather, it drives her onward.

Gadot can next be seen as Wonder Woman in Justice League, starring alongside her fellow DC castmates Henry Cavill, who portrays Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the film, slated for a November (17) release.

  • Salvatore Jensen