Weather Channel not messing around as Trump leaves Paris deal

But after Trump's announcement yesterday that he was backing America out of the Paris climate accords, the Weather Channel has gone full rogue.

The Weather Channel is trying desperately on its website to convince people in the US that climate change should be taken seriously.

The Weather Channel aren't the only people to make their point online however.

Those were the headlines on the site's top row of articles shortly after the announcement. They're appropriately apocalyptic. Headlines include "So What Happens to Earth Now?", "Still Don't Care?"

Below the livestream are seven posts featuring examples of how climate change is impacting the USA and world, and urging the public to care more about the issue.

Nearly immediately following Trump's announcement, the Weather Channel's home page flipped from mundane articles about relative sunshine amounts, to well-coordinated, furious exposés on climate change. There are also links to powerful stories about wildlife and forests that have been fatally affected by climate change. "Proof You Should.and More Proof.and Even More Proof.Or the Imminent Collapse of a Key Ice Shelf.Or Antarctica Turning Green.or California's Coast Disappearing Into the Sea.and a National Park Losing Its Namesake". French President Emanuel Macron echoed Trump's Make America Great Again slogan with one that was more relevant for a global audience, while others added the USA president to beloved 90s cartoons.

  • Leroy Wright