Vladimir Putin urges 'joint work' with Donald Trump on climate

"This decision can not and will not stop those of us who feel obligated to protect our Earth", she said. She added: "Nothing can and will stop us..." "We don't have to wait for the federal government to say jump".

Macron appealed to the global population in a video message in both French and English (an historic first for the Elysee Palace) an hour after Trump's announcement. He ends his speech with the phrase "Make the planet great again".

"We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington", Mr Bloomberg added. British Prime Minister Theresa May refused to sign the statement, but also declared her "disappointment" with Trump's decision. Modi is due to visit the United States at the end of this month.

At a press conference following the meeting, Li urged the European Union to fulfill its obligations under Article 15 of the protocol on China's accession to the WTO and thus send a signal that worldwide rules should be respected. It is "unshakable" in its commitment to the struggle against global warming, he said, and meant to achieve its emissions targets "step by step".

Gov. Bill Walker appeared to be similarly agnostic on the agreement in a prepared statement released Thursday afternoon that largely focused on Alaska's military importance although it was headlined as a statement "Regarding Withdrawal from Paris Agreement".

"Would I meet and host Donald Trump in Downing Street? Yes. With China and India".

The Paris agreement, which was signed in 2015, was endorsed by almost 200 countries with a goal to limit global warming below two degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit that increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

"Climate change is real".

There are awesome opportunities around us. Trump's decision to withdraw from the climate deal gave plenty of reason for Putin to cheer. The good thing about this was "we can determine what happens next, not Washington".

Trump's top climate advisor Scott Pruitt was indignant: "The world applauded when we joined Paris".

The Green Climate Fund is one mechanism set up to raise money to reach that annual target. Trump had "put himself in a bad position with his childish cancelling of the agreement".

"The UN climate talks", it states, "Have become an important stage for diplomatic exchanges".

The US is now at 13 per cent. Mr Trump remained steadfast in his belief that stopping US participation in the deal will actually help the economy grow despite research suggesting otherwise and new money in the renewable energy sector outpacing new investments in oil and gas industry for the first time in 2015.

In December 2015, after years of negotiations, 195 nations made a new commitment to work together to address global climate change. China is building "African infrastructure at a rapid pace, which is securing the People's Republic influence and trading relations there". As a result, withdrawing from it can't have major consequences by itself. It would also miss out on "billions in business deals", that are arrived at in the course of configuring the agreement.

But it does impose an obligation on countries to implement their plans, and includes a review process created to shame them into compliance, while putting pressure on them to increase the scope of their efforts every five years. "In this country, we had to have a 26 to 28 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases, which represented the Clean Power Plan and the entire climate action agenda of the past administration", he told reporters.

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