UK Conservatives' lead over Labour seen narrowing: Panelbase

Mr La Torre said the local FBU was backing Labour in next week's general election, commenting: "June 8, for us in the emergency services, really is crunch time".

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing advocate of nuclear disarmament, struggled and was accused of "dodging the question" by veteran host David Dimbleby as he refused to say what he would do if Britain was threatened with a nuclear strike.

Mrs May told the audience her presence at the BBC Question Time Special, broadcast from York University, showed she was not avoiding debates.

A clear win for Corbyn, whose less than two-year leadership has been marked by poor ratings, divisions among his party and a failed coup attempt, would force many investors to redraw their assumptions on both Brexit and the fiscal outlook.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said: "Theresa May showed contempt for the British people by refusing to debate other party leaders". Quizzed on what he would do if Britain was under nuclear threat, Corbyn tried to avoid the question by saying he would do everything impossible to avoid getting into that position in the first place.

But former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg called her comments "delusional" - pointing out she had opposed Brexit in the referendum.'The relentlessly upbeat assessment of Brexit in her speech today is a U-turn of epic proportions, ' he added.

"Meanwhile, Labour's support still relies a great deal on younger people, who in the past have proven less likely to vote".

Another who attended Mr Corbyn's rally said he was curious about a politician who appeared genuine.

The Labour leader responded: 'I urge you to read it.

He told LBC: "I am more for Corbyn than for May for exactly the opposite of what Quentin says".

Ms Long-Bailey, seen as a rising star in the party, said Labour's first industrial mission will be to ensure that 60% of United Kingdom energy comes from low carbon or renewable sources by 2020.

"I utterly deplore Donald Trump's decision", he said.

Yeovil: After nearly half the voters in Britain's referendum opted to stay in the European Union, the only nationwide party with an unashamedly anti-Brexit stance believed its support would soar.

She came under fire over her plans to pay for social care by taking money from the estates of those who have run up bills, with one disabled man asking if her plans would leave him and his wife bankrupt.

May's plan has been to shift the focus back on Brexit and away from domestic issues such as social welfare and the Manchester bombing, which have swung public opinion against her.

The Liberal Democrats have also hit out at at the policy, claiming the reforms could cause financial difficulties for councils, saying local authorities will be spending an additional £1.3bn each year on deferred payment agreements. "We all got it wrong in 2015 and we are all trying different methods to get it right this year".

The two contenders for Downing Street will then shape up for their final TV showdown of the General Election campaign as they take questions from voters in a live grilling expected to be watched by millions.

"Under the Conservatives, the richest have got richer, while most people's incomes have fallen or stagnated".

  • Leroy Wright