Trump critics, backers march around globe over climate and Russia

"The Women's March stands side by side with the March for Truth because when we fight for truth, we are also fighting for the undocumented communities, for women, for our Muslim brothers and sisters and our planet".

The March for Truth in more than 130 cities on Saturday called for further investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential election and Russia's ties to Trump, his staff, and his associates outside the White House. The group aims to seek answers about President Trump's administration, including a closer investigation on the alleged ties with Russian Federation and requiring Trump to make his tax returns public.

Demonstrators take part in the March for Truth rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., June 3, 2017. "The best way to determine what has occurred is for a fair and impartial investigation to occur". Organizers said "March for Truth" events were planned in more than 135 cities, including New York, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and London.

Trump has denied placing pressure on Comey or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as denying any collusion with Russian Federation.

The investigations were launched after US intelligence agencies concluded Russia hacked the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee previous year to harm the campaign of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, who political analysts say, Russian President Vladimir Putin despised.

"Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress need to know that we won't let this issue get swept under the rug", Sean Eldridge, founder and president of Stand Up America, one of the March's organizational partners, said in a statement.

Supporters of the president also took to the streets Saturday. Others displayed posters calling for swift investigations into the Trump team, or calling on the president to release his tax returns.

Leaders across the state are at City Hall Saturday morning for the nationwide "March for Truth" rally.

Trump announced Thursday his decision to pull out of the global climate agreement, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries that are not part of the Paris agreement.

  • Leroy Wright