Top House Intel panel Democrat rebukes chairman over subpoenas

"Subpoenas related to the "unmasking" issue would have been sent by Chairman Nunes acting separately from the committee's Russian Federation investigation".

Recently, however, it has been learned Nunes still, and inappropriately, is involved in the Russian Federation investigation.

What does recuse actually mean?

Democrats on the panel - who had been calling for Nunes' recusal - have broadly praised Conaway's leadership of the probe.

No. But expect to hear Democrats keep using the word. "I hope that will change".

Then, he mostly stayed out of the public eye - until the last few weeks.

But pressure has been mounting behind the scenes amid mounting questions about the extent of Nunes' recusal.

Nunes, a California Republican, is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Committee Democrats have accused Nunes of trying to distract from the Russian Federation investigation, citing him recusing himself from the probe in April amid questions about his disclosure of classified information. He also this week issued subpoenas to three former Obama administration officials to testify on their any requests they made to unmask USA individuals. But government officials can ask for the names to be shown, or "unmasked", if it helps them better understand the report.

"You'll have to ask him", Pelosi said of Ryan. "The way to look into this is that I'm still read into everything, but".

The parallel investigation that is going on seems illogical and counterproductive, yet it is a reality. But everything else, I'm still in charge of. Republicans on the committee have been pushing for a thorough investigation of how the names of Trump campaign officials became exposed in classified intelligence reports based off intelligence community intercepts.

Flynn's decision Tuesday came as President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, rejected a House intelligence committee request for information, and former White House staffer Boris Epshteyn confirmed he has been contacted for information as part of the House investigation.

Nunes issued the subpoenas to the FBI, CIA, and NSA related to those unmaskings, and Democrats accused him of violating his recusal from the Russian Federation investigation.

Nunes' earlier this year had created such an uproar by claiming Obama-era individuals had inappropriately requested unmasking, suggesting they did so to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.

Of course, the fact that a subpoena demanding information is issued does not necessarily mean the information exists.

The subpoenas spurred more grumbling from Democrats. Or that the committee delegate to Mr. Conaway, with advice and consultation with myself. "Simply put, I'm still the chairman of the Committee", he told Fox News last month.

Nunes hasn't "fully honored" his commitment not to be involved in the investigation, Schiff said.

The staffer said the Democrats were informed that the unmasking subpoenas were being issued.

"He's not involved in the Russian Federation investigation".

Still, Nunes returned to this well on Thursday by tweeting some fear-mongering nonsense about unmaskings violating the civil liberties of citizens.

  • Leroy Wright