Theresa May invokes post-Brexit trade with India to win votes

Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn poses for a "selfie" after addressing supporters during a general election campaign rally in Reading, west of London on Wednesday as campaigning continues in the build up to the general election on June 8.

He said Labour will give a clear commitment to the 3 million European Union nationals living and working in Britain that they can stay.

Labour will seek to implement its programme as a minority government if it comes out of the June 8 General Election as the largest party in a hung Parliament, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has said.

There would be an "independent and separate relationship with the EU" after Brexit, he said.

The Labour leader said: "I'm very sorry this is not a debate, this is a series of questions".

Mr Corbyn was challenged by small businessman Steve Rudd, who said he did not know if he would be able to expand his company and create jobs with the prospect of rises in personal tax and corporation tax if Labour wins power.

"We are fighting every constituency to win this election, to form a Labour government", he said.

The Sun's graphic artist team has mocked up a tree with £10, £20 and £50 notes to suggest the "hard-left" Mr Corbyn will "blow a £300 billion hole" in Britain's finances with his party's manifesto promises which the paper call "wild".

Germany, Italy and France reacted quickly, firmly and in coordination to express "regret" at Donald Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Paris climate change agreement.

"We're not doing deals".

He will argue that years of Conservative rule has resulted in stagnating productivity, falling public sector net investment and average wages forecast to be lower in real terms in 2021/22 than their 2007/08 level.

Commenting on the "extraordinary meltdown" of the Tory manifesto, Mr Corbyn said: "Having declared war on Britain's pensioners it is now all but impossible to find anybody who can tell you what Conservative Party policy actually is on the crucial issue of social care or how many million people stand to lose their winter fuel payments".

"If we as a society don't look at the problems throughout our school and education system and invest in it properly, where are the skilled workers going to come from tomorrow?"

"While countries including China, Brazil, the USA and the Gulf States have expressed their interest in striking trade deals with us as soon as they can", the Conservative Party leader said.

"We all got it wrong in 2015 and we are all trying different methods to get it right this year", said Anthony Wells, a research director at YouGov.

"I think we need to bring people on board and together".

In a leisure centre vehicle park on the outskirts of Reading, 64km from London, more than 1,000 people gathered in the middle of a working day, leaving behind their desk jobs and even climbing trees to catch a glimpse of Mr Corbyn. "It is the worst of all deals", he said.

  • Leroy Wright