Texas Lt. Gov. Calls Out House Members at End of Legislative Session

The Senate gave final approval to the measure, sending it to Gov. Greg Abbott for his consideration. Dan Patrick had given them in the home stretch.

Texas' Republican House speaker said Friday night he's refusing state Senate demands to expand and strengthen a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people, jeopardizing one of the most hotly debated pieces of legislation in the country's second-largest state.

"As far as I'm concerned, it was enough".

Tensions between the chambers have spiked. Routine procedural proposals to extend the life of five Texas agencies — including medical oversight — previously stalled in the Texas House, after some of the chamber's most conservative members killed every item on a legislative calendar that was supposed to be non-controversial.

"We can't continue to treat this issue like a political football and punting it down the field", Creighton said.

Conservatives also balked at a school finance overhaul despite the Texas Supreme Court a year ago declaring the current state system flawed, albeit still constitutional.

In recent days, Abbott had held out hope that all sides could come to an agreement by Monday. Governor Abbott (who compared trans bathroom rights to the moon landing last year) doesn't appear to see the fate of ousted North Carolina Gov. McCrory as a warning sign.

That leaves a wide chasm between the House and Senate on a revenue bill that was seemingly headed to a House-Senate conference committee.

The House maintains that it did get its work done on time. We'll fix it in the special (session). "Whether it was just not managing the calendar or whether it was purposefully done to kill legislation, I'm not sure".

And Patrick is banking on Abbott also telling lawmakers to work on the bathroom bill and property tax reform in a special session.

At Sunday's Senate news conference, Sen. "But it's clear this needs to be fixed". That would fulfill a chief goal for many Republicans.José Rodríguez, Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

But any version that emerges would make Texas the first state to pass a bill reminiscent of North Carolina's controversial 2016 law that was partially repealed in March following intense political and economic backlash.

Senate Republicans have started writing their Obamacare repeal bill - even though few decisions have been made about how to resolve the biggest policy disagreements.

Tinderholt then asked for information on the process for selecting a new speaker if the current leader were to resign his House seat. Leading businesses and lobbyists have also rejected the would-be law, and top Hollywood and music stars have hinted at state boycotts should it pass.

  • Larry Hoffman