Teen's hilarious essay about pizza gets her into Yale University

At Yale, no less!

Or at least it was the recipe to success for high school senior Carolina Williams, who applied to Yale with an essay about how much she loves Papa John's and was admitted alongside praise from the school's administration.

Despite getting into Connecticut-based Yale, however, Williams has made a decision to stay close to her Tennessee roots and attend Alabama's Auburn University, where she told the Mirror Online, "I love the south and the school spirit". There is more: Now she has the pizza, and "i$3 t smells like celebration", "looks like self-sufficiency", and "tastes like comfort". "That was my first thought when I saw that prompt".

"As a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then ordered pizza) after reading your application", read one note to Carolina from Yale's admissions team.

"I laughed so hard [at] your pizza essay and kept thinking that you are the type of person I would want to be best friends with", it read. I loved how friendly everyone was there.

But Williams tweeted Papa John's to thank her for helping to get her into Yale anyway.

However, as the schoolgirl ranked in the top 10 students in her graduating class and was part of the National Honours System, her love of the cheesy stuff was probably not completely responsible for her success.

However, the accomplished teen isn't actually going to Yale.

Realistically speaking, declaring love for Papa John's specifically was gutsy, but maybe that bold move was what really put her application over the edge. "I'm so honored to have been accepted by Yale, though!"

She received the Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Endowed Scholarship from Auburn's Raymond J. Harbert College of Business and Auburn University's Presidential Scholarship, which will give Williams $72,000 over the next four years. Hopefully Carolina will enjoy many Papa John's deliveries to come.

  • Larry Hoffman