Spicer suggests Trump's 'covfefe' tweet was a secret message

Dubke's hiring was meant to lighten the load on Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, who had also been handling the duties of communications director during Trump's first month in office.

Dubke's departure comes amid White House plans for a larger strategic communications shake-up to tackle allegations involving collusion between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation, including a "war room" to combat mounting lines of enquiry and multiple probes. They have built a thick skin over the past few months in the White House, and they recognize that a certain level of attention comes with the high-profile opportunities they have been given, per the official.The pair are living in a $7.4 million (US $5.5 million) rental property in Kalorama, giving them the freedom to return to New York City if things don't improve in the latter half of the year.

Backchannels, or secret lines of communication, are often used by the White House as diplomatic tools. If administration officials are to be believed, the list of people who can be inducted includes Trump's former campaign manager.

The Monmouth University survey, released on May 31, found that 61 percent of Americans said that Trump hurts, rather than helps, his own cause when he speaks for his administration, while only 33 percent said the opposite. "It may simply be an impossible task to represent this president and come off as credible".

It has become a regular occurrence at White House press briefings for Sean Spicer to be asked to clarify a tweet of President Trump's.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer says Trump will meet with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on June 9 for "a working visit".

The White House's troubles make "what was already really hard even harder", said Stier from the Partnership for Public Service.

Lewandowski said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" that he'd be willing to join the White House staff if "the right role is there". The person and others discussing private conversations spoke on condition of anonymity.

Flynn handed in his resignation in February after it was revealed he misled top White House officials about his contacts with Russian officials.

Trump wants to respond more aggressively to allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and questions about investigations of possible ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow.

  • Zachary Reyes