Russian Federation says will not veto UN North Korea resolution

An Australian questioner asked, in light of Trump's abandonment of an worldwide trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and his withdrawal from the Paris climate deal, "why should we not fret that we are present at the destruction of" a global rules-based order?

Mattis's visit, his second to the region, is the latest in a string of appearances by top USA officials who have scrambled to reassure partners about U.S. commitments.

While campaigning, Trump sparked broad anxiety by calling into question long-standing security assumptions and mutual defense treaties with Japan and South Korea.

"The regime's actions are manifestly illegal under global law", Mattis said.

Mattis will speak June 3 at the morning plenary sessions at this year's iteration of the annual IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, which will take place June 2-4.

Pentagon chief James Mattis has warned Beijing against its continued "indisputable militarisation" of man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea.

Sanctions were also placed on North Korean zinc company, the Korea Zinc Industrial Group, and the Korea Computer Center, which it said is a state-run information technology research center that the Treasury believes to have offices in Germany, China, Syria, and India.

The Security Council had threatened to boost sanctions against Pyongyang after one of its May test launches.

Other sanctions targets included numerous members of the North's Organization and Guidance Department, a Vietnam Representative for Tanchon Commercial Bank and DPRK officials involved in overseeing the country's nuclear and weapons programmes.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the United Nations security council on April 28 that it needed to act before North Korea does.

The posture shifts have left some in the region seeking clarity on United States policy.

"And there's also questions about where the United States is going to be in the Asia-Pacific region in the new administration".

As it struggles for ways to thwart North Korea's nuclear ambitions, the Trump administration Thursday slapped additional economic sanctions on Pyonyang's military, coal suppliers and financial interests.

"The scope and effect of China's construction activities in the South China Sea differ from those of other countries in several key ways", Mattis said.

Haley urged all countries to break diplomatic ties with North Korea, stop illegal trade and do more to break up smuggling rings and cut off funding for the country's nuclear and missile programs.

But Helvey insisted USA views have not shifted.

"We would oppose any action that would impinge upon the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation".

Summit delegates were clearly anguished by the South China Sea issue and Trump's intentions. Analysts do not believe North Korea will be able to produce a viable nuclear-capable intercontinental missile until at least 2020, but the militarized, authoritarian state is thought to be capable of launching nuclear attacks against neighboring nations, including South Korea and Japan, both of which host US military installations and personnel.

In line with Mattis's emphasis on helping allies defend their own territory while strengthening US military muscle in the region, the USA has deployed a missile defense system in South Korea known as a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system.

  • Leroy Wright