Putin denies Russian meddling in US election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in St. Petersburg on Friday that India is committed to protecting the climate, irrespective of the Paris agreement, hours after President Donald Trump withdrew the USA from the landmark accord, saying it unfairly benefits countries like India and China.

The moderator of the interactive session at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, journalist Megan Kelly, then asked Modi if his earlier remark, saying it would be "criminal" to not act on climate change, was meant for US President Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly says she's landed an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin that will air on the debut of her NBC newsmagazine on Sunday.

"With the US President's latest assault on the global fight against climate change, meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement will become an uphill task".

He asks Putin whether, as a former KGB agent, he despises Snowden - who was given refuge in Russian Federation after he initiated one of the largest data leaks in U.S. history.

Agreeing with President Putin, who spoke before him, the Prime Minister said technology is going to play a key role, and mentioned the Digital India initiative.

Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of leading worldwide news agencies Thursday, Putin said that some individual "patriotic" hackers could mount some attacks amid the current cold spell in Russia's relations with the West.

Mr Putin insisted it was perfectly normal for Mr Kislyak to try to establish contacts and discuss future ties, adding that he had not discussed specifics.

Listing the steps taken to make the economic environment more attractive to foreign investors, Modi said his three-year-old government had abolished more than 1,000 obsolete laws and introduced some 7,000 reform measures, in all, at the central level to improve the ease of doing business.

Putin's comments come one day after he suggested that "patriotic hackers" may have meddled in the USA election, but insisted that none of their potential activities were state-backed. He added that IP addresses allegedly belonging to Russian hackers could have been easily rigged and couldn't stand as evidence.

Speaking Friday at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Putin avoided criticizing Trump for the move that has caused worldwide opprobrium.

While Putin's government signed the 2015 Paris accord, he has delayed formally ratifying the agreement for at least two more years.

During a panel meeting, Putin called on the USA participants of the forum to "help restore a normal political dialogue. help a newly elected president and new administration".

Both the House and the Senate are conducting investigations into Russian influence in the election and possible collusion between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

  • Zachary Reyes