Putin asks US businessmen to help restore normal dialogue with Washington

"It's just some kind of hysteria, and just doesn't stop!"

Despite the conclusion from the US intelligence community that hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign was directed by Russia, Putin maintains his country was not involved.

"This situation needs to be thoroughly assessed", he added.

The idea that the hacking had reportedly been carried out from Russian IP addresses which constituted meaningful evidence of anything was absurd, he said.

Putin said that Russian Federation struck no agreements at meetings with representatives of the incoming Trump team and that Americans "should take a pill" to calm the "hysteria" over the issue. "Modern technologies allow that to be done quite easily".

"Of course, we'll make every effort to ensure that business in Russian Federation is beneficial for our American partners", Putin said. The St. Petersburg native, 64, compared hackers to free-spirited "artists" who may wake up one morning, see how their homeland is being maligned in the foreign media and decide to act on their own.

The allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election were "harmful chatter" detrimental to global relations, security and the fight against terrorism, he said. "The Trump team [was] more efficient during the electoral campaign".

Putin also said he was personally convinced that hackers could not materially alter election campaigns in Europe, America or elsewhere.

President Putin expressed hope that the business dialogue in the framework of the forum, initiatives and certain ideas of representatives of Russian and USA businesses will help to form a favourable environment for solving this uneasy task.

"We don't know each other, we've never met", Putin said on Thursday, before offering an assessment of the USA leader.

He said both Russian Federation and USA have witnessed the collapse of the groundwork of bilateral cooperation that had taken decades to build.

Putin says his security service takes care of his safety and "up to now they haven't done badly", adding: "I trust them". "This is a person with a fresh view of things".

India, he said, has been a victim of cross-border terrorism for 40 years and thousands of innocent citizens have been killed but the world recognized terrorism merely as a law and order problem for many years.

Putin also expressed hope that the meeting of Russian and American entrepreneurs at the forum and their initiatives would help solve the "difficult task of restoring confidence and building a constructive dialogue". Moscow has strongly denied all allegations of election meddling.

President Trump's campaign aides are now being investigated over possible collusion with the Russian government. Poupard described the Macron campaign hack as "not very technological" and said "the attack was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone".

In a joint declaration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin said they would explore harmonisation of the respective laws in the two countries regarding credit ratings. "And for sure our relations with Pakistan have no impact on trade between India and Russian Federation".

Russia's relations with the West have been at post-Cold War lows over the Ukrainian crisis.

"Normalization of bilateral relations is in the interest of the two countries".

Touching on tensions in the Pacific, Putin said Russia's military deployments on a group of Pacific islands also claimed by Japan have been caused by concerns about the USA military buildup in the region. "Whatever there is, it is in good condition generally", Putin said.

"What fingerprints?" Putin said sarcastically.

  • Leroy Wright