Putin asks US business to help restore normal dialog with Washington

Moscow's attitude toward cyber crime is under intense scrutiny after USA intelligence officials alleged that Russian hackers had tried to help Republican Donald Trump win the White House, something Russia has flatly denied.

The idea that the hacking had reportedly been carried out from Russian IP addresses which constituted meaningful evidence of anything was absurd, he said.

Putin said in response to Kelly's question about new allegations that President Trump's election campaign tried to create back channels of communication with the Kremlin.

"What fingerprints?" Putin said sarcastically.

"What fingerprints, or hooves prints, or horn prints?" he said.

Putin said Thursday that "patriotic" Russians could have been involved, but covered their tracks to make it seem like the operation was run by the Russian government.

Putin has, intentionally or not, frequently echoed President Donald Trump's criticisms of the focus on potential ties between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation during the presidential election.

At a meeting with U.S. business leaders earlier Putin urged them to help Moscow establish a dialogue with Trump, as ties remains deadlocked amid probes into possible collusion. "A dumb man who can't do anything would blame the Jews for everything". At that time, the government said it was "confident" Moscow designed the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations of the Democratic Party in the months before the election, reports said.

"It was true information".

He blamed the Democrats for the failure to acknowledge their mistakes in the campaign, and "taking internal USA political squabbles into worldwide arena".

"It's an attempt to solve internal political problems using foreign policy instruments", he said.

"It is harmful, it damages global relations and the world economy and security issues and the fight with terrorism".

He insisted that Trump won thanks to his skills, not Russian interference.

But the White House has claimed the agreement "is a bad deal for Americans" and that by withdrawing Mr Trump will keep "his campaign promise to put American workers first". "He added that the U.S. also needed to think what would become of the workers who would lose their jobs and how to prevent them from joining the scores of people living below the poverty line".

Putin described the talks as substantative and said the India-Russia "partnership is developing into strategic and priveleged one".

The Russian hacking and possible interaction between Russian officials and members of Trump's inner circle have been an issue of concern for the current administration since months. What's an ambassador supposed to do? "They are simple, direct, they have a very honest view of things and that can be very advantageous", Efe quoted him as saying.

He said the process of talks between Russian Federation and USA should continue as there is no chance of getting away from it all. "It will if it leads to Nato's breakup, but we aren't seeing any such breakup yet".

"I would refrain from judging President Trump right now because it was President Obama who made the decision [on joining the Paris Agreement - TASS], so maybe the new president believes it was not well-conceived, maybe he thinks there are not enough resources", Putin explained.

He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it's a framework agreement offering broad room for manoeuvre for each signatory nation.

Putin added that Moscow would never allow Washington to deploy a ballistic missile defense system on the Northern Territories.

  • Salvatore Jensen