Pruitt Won't Say If Trump Believes In Climate Change

Trump may have been referencing an earlier version of the study, which didn't take all signing countries into account.

Trump claims that he will try to renegotiate the deal reached in Paris, or craft a new one. That remains true today.

The EU and China committed to actions related to climate change, such as developing ways to change into zero-emissions economies, promoting zero-carbon transitions in developing countries and developing long-term decarbonization plans. It affects every element of life on this planet - from ecosystems and food production to cities and industrial supply chains.

The money will support the operations of the Bonn-based secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

We pursue our goal by educating the leaders of tomorrow, conducting research that leads to innovative energy solutions, and engaging with decision-makers in the public and private sectors to turn this knowledge into practice. Now we have Donald the Trump.

In the wake of Trump's withdrawal, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced they'd joined more than 85 other mayors in a special climate coalition.

California, New York and Washington, which have formed their own alliance, represent more than one-fifth of USA gross domestic product and account for at least 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, their governors said.

"To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the president of the United States, I want to say that they will find in France a second homeland", Macron said in an address after Trump's announcement.

Regardless of your opinion of the much-maligned President, in the face of global elites, Trump stood up for American interests.

Gov. Christie said yesterday he opposed the Paris Agreement as a presidential candidate and he opposes it now. It is tragic to watch that force for good be subverted by denial and myopia.

ACOSTA: You're putting your head in the sand though.

The American Coal Council said more than 90 percent of US coal plants are equipped with advanced emissions controls, and that advances in technology will lead to further improvement. The rest of the world will be sad to see an America that has been left behind, owing to Trump's decision. But we will not wait; in fact, we are already moving on.

"Today I want the world to know the USA will meet our Paris commitment, and through a partnership among cities, states, and businesses, we will seek to remain part of the Paris agreement process", Bloomberg said at a joint press conference at the Elysee presidential palace. These countries understand the dangers of climate change, as do ExxonMobil's global shareholders, who, just this week, rejected that company's attempts to ignore the impact of climate change on its business. The only other two countries are war-torn Syria and Nicaragua, which opposed the deal because it didn't go far enough to control global warming. "Any long-term investment is going to have to consider the world after Trump". Likewise, sovereign wealth funds with huge clout in the global financial system are redirecting their investments toward the green economy.

Even the most optimistic among us did not predict that the old fossil-fuel paradigm would change so quickly.

The city of Pittsburgh aims to transition to 100% renewable energy sources - like wind and solar - by 2035. In all of these sectors around the world, the excitement and growth potential is palpable. His decision is a blow to so many people - including a great many Americans - who have worked hard to be a successful part of the new economy.

Still, Trump can not take all of America with him.

But we can appeal to moderate and liberal evangelicals with different or milder end-times beliefs, and nonevangelical conservatives can still be convinced to cooperate if persuaded that inaction threatens USA standing in the world.

  • Leroy Wright