Poorer nations robust in the face of Trump pullout from climate deal

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg says he is ready to help foot the bill for the Paris Climate Agreement after President Trump announced his decision to pull the Unites States out of it.

Democratic officials have vowed to implement the goals of the Paris climate agreement, despite President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the accord Thursday.

Trump announced plans Thursday to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and seek a new deal on climate change, arguing the accord hurt American businesses and was unfair to taxpayers.

In Trump's speech announcing the planned withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, the president said: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris".

Coderre also issued a statement saying that, despite the setback of losing the US, cities around the world must continue to assume their responsibilities when it comes to climate change and the environment.

Trump, tapping into the "America first" message he used when he was elected president previous year, said he would withdraw the USA from the landmark 2015 global agreement on tackling global warming.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Friday disagreed with Trump's assertion that his decision was a good move for the American economy.

Almost 4,000 miles away, Parisian Raphael Angeli said Trump's decision puts him at odds with many of his fellow citizens and much of the world.

"We are grateful to Bloomberg Philanthropies for this generous contribution", UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa said in a news release about the funding pledge.

The governors of four New England states - including two Republicans - are joining a bipartisan coalition of states committed to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

"We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington", Bloomberg said. "Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up - and there isn't anything Washington can do to stop us".

Kremlin aide Andrei Belousov said the USA move punched a gaping hole in the Paris accord.

Trump's decision has provoked furious backlash from the signatories of the accord and caused protests in the US. He said his own foundation will help coordinate the USA effort, which will be called America's Pledge, and it will help submit "nationally determined contributions" like other nations.

  • Zachary Reyes