NYC Lights Up Green in Support of Paris Climate Accord

Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, described Trump's withdrawal from the Paris pact as a big mistake and said the fight against climate change would continue with or without the US. In a fierce rejoinder from across the globe, leaders of other nations and scientists pointed to jobs that could be created in green technology and the edge China could be given as a result. "We are increasing investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency". However yesterday, President Trump announced the USA would withdraw from the agreement and his intentions to seek a new deal. They both appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends".

From the White House briefing room to television studios around the capital, Trump's team fanned out to explain his thinking in walking away from the Paris climate change accord. He said the deal would have cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

No doubt Pruitt (and his ally, White House adviser Steve Bannon) had an easier task than Tillerson, given that he was preaching to a president sympathetic to his economic and nationalist arguments.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The president also touched on an issue that is central to the Paris accord, which is: Can it achieve its stated goal of preventing the planet from warming an additional two degrees Celsius, or about 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit?

A withdrawal from the Paris agreement will seriously damage the leadership and global credibility of the United States and have negative effects on other policies as well.

Following the decision, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced he plans to form a United States Climate Alliance, along with the governors of NY and California.

Trump signed an executive order in March to review and potentially rescind environmental regulations such as President Obama's Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon emissions for existing power plants.

Trump's decision to exit the agreement will make the U.S. one of just three countries not to participate, along with Syria and Nicaragua. Meanwhile, African nations are protesting Trump's decision.

South Africa called the US pullout "an abdication of global responsibility".

She shrugged off Trump's remark that he was elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris.

Trump announced the withdrawal on Thursday, tapping into his "America First" campaign theme. The White House indicated it would follow the lengthy exit process outlined in the deal.

That was a 60 percent increase in spending from the previous year. He is breaking from many of America's staunchest allies, who have expressed alarm about the decision. We wonder why Trump can't see this obvious fact.

While Trump argued the landmark 2015 accord hurts and business, others took a more global view.

He added that China, Russia and India had confirmed their commitment to it. He declared that the U.S. would continue its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and appealed for partners to keep things "in perspective".

"I'm appalled that the President used my city to justify his unacceptable decision, as most other Pittsburghers are", Mayor Bill Peduto said in a statement yesterday. While researchers projected the United States will fail its climate goal, former Mayor Bloomberg said in a letter to the UN that he believes his coalition will help the USA achieve its reduction target.

But Trump has been largely silent on the issue since his election last fall.

Asked about CEOs' criticism of the U.S. withdrawal, White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Friday said some companies that expressed support for remaining in the agreement raised concerns about the emissions reduction targets.

With a whopping 195 nations having signed on to the historic Paris accord in a rare show of world solidarity to stave off ecological disaster, the accord signed during Barack Obama's presidency was one of the most momentous measures in recent memory. "Industry must now lead and not depend on government". Business investors seemed pleased, with stock prices, already up for the day, bumping higher as he spoke and the Dow Jones industrial average rising 135 points for the day.

China and the European Union are two of the three biggest economies in the world with a large carbon footprint.

  • Carolyn Briggs