New Trump attack on Germany widens transatlantic rift Featured

Li said that China hopes the two countries could work together to offset global uncertainties with a stable bilateral relationship, so as to send positive signals of stability, cooperation and development to regions and the world at large.

Trump did not take it lying down and used his favorite platform of Twitter to lash out at Germany and ifs insufficient defense spending and trade imbalances with the United States promising that he would change all that.

After the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and G7 summits, Merkel said at an election rally in southern Germany that "the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out".

Merkel's remarks came after a Group of Seven summit at which the Europeans couldn't reach an agreement with Trump on climate change. "I think it is inappropriate that we are now communicating with each other between a beer tent and Twitter", he added, in reference to both the venue in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday called into question the reliability of the US and United Kingdom as allies and US President Donald Trump's preferred medium for launching attacks on his perceived opponents.

"We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation & military", Trump wrote, in his flamboyantly undiplomatic style.

The leaders of Germany and India heaped mutual praise upon each other Tuesday " each referring to the other as a "reliable partner" in a notable contrast to Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent public doubts about Germany's ties with the United States.

"They get along very well", he told reporters at the White House.

Modi, whose visit to Germany comes less than a week after Merkel provided the strongest indication yet that the European Union and the U.S. under President Trump were drifting apart, said India would play a positive role in boosting unity in the grouping.

Soon after her comments, Trump swiftly blasted Germany over trade imbalance.

Not only does the spat continue but Merkel has seized upon it as an opportunity - in the wake of the election of Emmanuel Macron as a pro-Europe French president - to rally Europe around her leadership.

Speaking just days after Trump promised to sell Saudi Arabia $110 billion worth of arms in order to deter Iran, Gabriel accused Washington of fuelling religious conflict.

"The short-sighted policies of the American government stand against the interests of the European Union", he added, judging that "the West has become smaller, at least it has become weaker".

And he warned against "accelerating climate change by weakening environmental protection".

And Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, also a Social Democrat, said Monday that if the Trump administration "finds pushing through national interests more important than an global order. then I say that the West has become smaller — it has at least become weaker".

"Believe me, I know Trump and I know the people around him".

"Merkel and Juncker actually want to see the Americans leaving Europe".

The European Commission, the EU executive, described the United States withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, which more than 190 countries have signed, as a sad day for the global community, but said that it would seek new alliances.

Spicer then claimed that Merkel's comments are in line with what Trump wanted all along.

  • Leroy Wright