Most Americans: Trump Fails At Speaking For White House

The White House should "immediately" revoke Kushner's clearance pending the conclusion of the FBI's Russian Federation probe that has reportedly zeroed in on Kushner, the lawmakers wrote in a letter to White House counsel Don McGahn.

Regardless of whether Kushner did anything illegal or inappropriate in his meetings with Russian officials, he finds himself on defense.

Participants in the poll were read a list of spokespersons for the Trump administration - including the president - and asked if that individual "does more to help or more to hurt the president when they speak on behalf of the administration".

The White House senior adviser's behavior shows "an obvious pattern of secrecy and deception", Beyer added.

President Donald Trump should focus more on his agenda and not allow himself to be distracted by the Russian Federation controversy, Rep. Sean Duffy said Wednesday. What are the national security concerns around private communications with other countries? Few among Trump's staff knew Kushner before the past year, when Trump ramped up his presidential campaign.

The White House made the announcement about its new policy on Russian Federation questions just before the House intelligence committee issued subpoenas related to its Russian Federation investigation. The now president has plans to hire new aides to White House. USA intelligence officials have said Kushner is not accused of any wrongdoing. He's agnostic on most policy issues, which as a businessman he hadn't thought much about until the campaign, and is primarily interested in helping advance Trump's agenda rather than any personal beliefs, one official said.

March 29, 2017 - Sources close to Kushner tell CNN his meetings with Gorkov and Kislyak were not about sanctions: When Kushner voluntarily appears before the Senate intelligence committee, he will describe his interactions with Russians during the transition as a point man "looking for the right person to engage with on Russia", and nothing more, according to a source familiar with what transpired.

So I say, just get out of that office, Trump!

With the Trump administration enduring daily turmoil, one wonders how the president will deal with Kushner, a relative he can't throw under the bus, or can he?

Kushner also acts as a liaison to the business community, where he has relationships dating to his time running his family's New Jersey real estate business, particularly in the banking world.

"They're a gold mine", Peter Zeidenberg, who once served on the Justice Department's special prosecution team, said of Trump's tweets.

A counselor at Kushner's prep school told Daniel Golden in "The Price of Admission", Kushner's grades and test scores would likely not have earned him his eventual admission to Harvard otherwise.

For example, Trump has entertained bringing back his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and former deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, more formally.

  • Arturo Norris