Merkel says can no longer rely on America

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said she was "absolutely certain" that the U.S., like all other treaty members, would honour Article 5 which holds that an attack against one ally is an attack against all.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made comments Sunday that Europe "must take its fate into its own hands", as the USA and the United Kingdom are looking after their own interests.

Trump earlier called Germany's trade and military spending policies "very bad" for the United States, shortly after Merkel reiterated that the countries' ties have shifted dramatically after an unsuccessful Group of Seven summit.

"The U.S. has a trade deficit because consumers have money to spend - and they spend it", said Merrill Matthews, resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation, in a recent post. "Very bad for US This will change", Trump tweeted on Tuesday. On the Paris climate-change accord, he said he'd have to get back to his partners once he'd decided whether the USA was getting bilked - as though it has no interest of its own in avoiding a global climate catastrophe.

This earned Trump a sharp from the foreign minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, who contrasted Trump's scornful attitude towards Europe and the Saudi Arabian visit where he was warmly received and where he ended up signing an arms deal worth $110 billion.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said that failing to act on climate change would be "morally criminal" and voiced strong support for the "vision" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Trump's tweet underscored the deterioration of links with a key North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, yet his timing also highlighted Germany's web of relations with global partners who broadly share Merkel's free-trade outlook and conviction on combating climate change.

Spicer said that Trump feels he and Merkel have a "fairly unbelievable" relationship. He also commented that the media was inaccurate in its reporting of Mr Trump's relationships with other world leaders he met with on the foreign trip. Some analysts dubbed their remarks as "a turning point" of German-U.S. relationship, saying Merkel clearly wants to distance Germany from U.S. government led by president Trump.

"But we must know, we have to fight for our own future", she said.

His comments came days after Merkel said Europe could no longer completely rely on traditional ally the USA and needed to find its own way.

Not only does the spat continue but Merkel has seized upon it as an opportunity - in the wake of the election of Emmanuel Macron as a pro-Europe French president - to rally Europe around her leadership.

Remember, Germany has federal elections scheduled for September, and Merkel, while slightly ahead in most polls, has no sure lock on keeping her party, the Christian Democrats, in the majority.

  • Leroy Wright