Man dies after ignoring new tattoo advice, catches infection from ocean

The man's tattoo pictured before he went swimming.

According to The Daily Mail (warning - the photos ain't pretty!), one tattooed vacationer didn't heed this advice, and chose to go for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico five days after getting a tattoo on his leg. The case of man was detailed in the British Medical Journal which revealed the suspect of the Vibrio vulnific bug intricated by liver cirrhosis from years of heavy drinking. This man chose to ignore warnings to avoid swimming for two weeks after getting tattooed and sadly, paid the ultimate price for it. But, they are unaware that drawing tattoos could sometimes prove risky. She also warned that people shouldn't swim right after getting inked, may it be in a swimming pool, the sea, or in hot tubs where flesh-eating bacteria and other microbes may possibly lurk.

The man had chosen a crucifix and pair of praying hands for his latest ink, and began suffering from fever, chills and a rash close to the tattoo after swimming, the news outlet reported. Over the next two days, his condition deteriorated, and by the time he entered a hospital, his leg had turned purple.

He caught a flesh-eating bacteria and developed sepsis because his tattoo wound, which was still fresh, became contaminated after being exposed to seawater.

Two weeks after he was placed on life support, his condition improved slightly but he eventually died after he went into septic shock and his kidneys failed.

Although V. vulnificus infections can be life-threatening, serious illness from the bacteria is rare: The CDC estimates that among the 80,000 people in the USA who become sick with Vibrio bacteria per year, about 100 people die from the infection.

  • Joanne Flowers