Man arrested outside DC Trump hotel with 2 guns

A physician and Navy veteran arrested at the Trump International Hotel after police found an assault-style rifle in his auto is expected to make an initial court appearance.

According to DC police, Pennsylvania State Police tipped them off that a man traveling to the Trump Hotel was possibly armed.

Having weapons in one's auto is a violation of the law in Washington, D.C. When Secret Service officers and the police searched his vehicle, they found the weapons and ammo and arrested him for illegal possession of ammunition and possession of firearms without a license.

Police intercepted Moles and saw a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle in plain view inside his vehicle, later finding a Glock 23 pistol in the glove compartment along with, reportedly, about 90 rounds of ammunition.

The man - who police say had checked himself into the hotel - has been arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearms.

Newsham said the sequence of events unfolded quickly, with both D.C. police and the Secret Service learning about the tipster's concerns at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. "Since this matter is under investigation by Washington D.C. authorities, we will not have comment".

A man who was staying at the Trump Hotel in Northwest Washington was arrested early Wednesday morning after guns were found inside his vehicle, D.C. police report.

Cambridge Springs Police Chief Dorian Adamik told the Tribune on Wednesday a tipster first contacted a Cambridge Springs officer around 11 p.m. Tuesday after that person's daughter had received a text message from Moles.

"Today's incident is an important reminder that, if you "see something", it is important to "say something" to an official," Washington Mayor Muriel Browser told reporters.

Michael Ball, deputy special agent at Secret Service's Washington field office, said at a news conference Wednesday that agents went to the hotel based on a tip.

Newsham said that police did not have enough information "at this point" to charge Moles with making threats.

Dustin Sternbeck, spokesman for the city police department, told the Washington Post an out-of-state law enforcement agency called local authorities to say Mr Moles "had made threatening remarks".

Newsham declined to confirm reports suggesting that Moles was a veteran and a Trump supporter.

A Pennsylvania doctor brought a collection of guns and ammunition to a Trump hotel.

  • Leroy Wright