LeBron says stopping Warriors' Durant will be tough

Kevin Durant drove through the paint repeatedly with dazzling dunks and wound up with 38 points. In Game 7, a contest that would haunt this team for almost a year, the Warriors had 28 points in the paint.

It was the third straight time the Cavaliers have lost Game 1 to the Warriors.

The highly-anticipated meeting between the defending champion Cavaliers and the top-seeded Warriors did not disappoint initially, with sensational dunks by LeBron James and Durant during a see-sawing first quarter. But really, we're just here to see Rihanna. "Guys who played heavy minutes get their rest, get their recovery, get in the gym, take care of your body, whatever you need to do", he said. They led Cleveland in second-chance points, too, 12-5.

During a press conference after the game, Durant was asked about the moment but said he didn't remember it happening.

"We've got to make it much tougher on him", Lue said of Durant.

"When you turn the ball over, that's when they become very risky because those guys, they sprint down the lane, they sprint to the 3-point line, they put a lot of pressure on your defense", James said.

Of the seven that picked the Warriors, one picked them in six games, five picked them in five games, and one picked them in four games.

If there was ever a time to get some ankle insurance, it probably would have been during the timeout after James peeled himself off the floor following Durant's rack attack.

"We made a lot of mistakes", he said. "There's a direct correlation between fatigue and injury on the part of the players", Silver told reporters prior to Game One.

"I think that just thinking about the next game, things that we can correct going forward", he said.

Game 2 of the National Basketball Association finals will be played on Sunday, June 4.

"I mean, it's no ifs, ands, or buts". The Warriors are back with a more formidable team after adding Kevin Durant, a healthier one after Stephen Curry was banged up last postseason, and not even LeBron James and the Cavs are given much chance of stopping them. Kudos to him because we learned earlier in the broadcast, courtesy of ABC announcer Jeff Van Gundy, that Rihanna is pretty good at distracting people.

  • Julie Sanders