LeBron: Durant the difference between Cavs and Warriors

Andre Iguodala's 3-pointer to end the first quarter gave the Warriors a 35-30 lead and Golden State stretched it to 60-52 at half-time.

However, these aren't really the same two teams as the ones who met in last year's NBA Finals. In fairness, he had a great rebounding night (15 REB), 12 of them being defensive, and he also had eight assists.

So goes the argument heard throughout the 2017 playoffs.

But the seven first-half turnovers were the second most in a half in James's career, having made nine giveaways in 2005 against New Orleans. That allowed Golden State to set an NBA Finals record with an astounding 31-4 assist-to-turnover ratio.

The Cavaliers still finished in a solid position, and their season is not over yet.

That honour belonged to a less-than-subtle feud between singing superstar Rihanna, sitting courtside as a James' No. 1 fan, and the Warriors' Kevin Durant, who was more than up to the challenge.

But if watching great basketball isn't enough, consider the subplots.

When Durant had the ball on the break, the Cavs were faced with the choice: throw bodies in his way and risk Curry picking them apart from three, or stay home on Steph and risk a huge dunk.

That comment sent the "ooooo-meter" into the red.

"We talked about it before we come into this series, like our best defense is going to be our offense, of taking care of the basketball, not a lot of turnovers", Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be hoping to bounce back after getting blown out by 113-91 in Game 1.

On paper, Golden State looks like a team that should dominate for a decade.

Jordan didn't just have one, but actually two turnover-less games in a row - putting up 33 points in Game 1 in a loss to the Utah Jazz, and 37 in a rebound win in Game 2, playing 46 and 40 minutes respectively. Good job, Rihanna, you've completely sabotaged the Cavs in this series with your heckling and dabbing. Along with holding on to the ball, the Cavs need to hope for a higher level of efficiency when it comes to scoring that ball on Sunday. I expect the Brown/Kerr tag-team to be just fine. The final score of that game? If Paul teams up with Kawhi Leonard and DeMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs could be a legitimate contender to compete with the Warriors in the Western Conference.

Durant feasted when the Cavaliers overcommitted to the Warriors' 3-point shooters.

Since Kerr stepped away from the sideline before Game 3 of the first round, Brown has led Golden State to 11 consecutive wins. But player for player the Warriors seem miles ahead. "It has the bounce, so it keeps me sprinting and moving around just like I want to".

"KD", James said when asked what stood out about the Warriors in their runaway victory.

  • Arturo Norris