Leaders say world will abide by Paris Accord, with or without US

Later, Macron pointedly ignored Trump while approaching a group of European heads of state, dodging the USA president in order to hug German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead.

Bloomberg has also urged U.S. cities, states and businesses to follow suit so that the country fulfils its commitments under the accord even though it has officially withdrawn from the pact.

Scientists have warned failure to curb unsafe climate change will lead to sea level rises, more intense storms and flooding, more extreme droughts, water shortages and heatwaves as well as massive loss of wildlife and reduction in crop yields, potentially sparking conflict and mass migration. The Washington Post's Philip Rucker asked Pruitt.

"The strong consensus among scientists is that the climate is changing due to pollution from human activity". Time's Zeke Miller asked. He declined to give a straight answer not once, not twice, but three times. While some GOP lawmakers praised the decision, Schwarzenegger, a former Republican governor, challenged activists not to wait on Washington to address the issue.

Another tweeted: "Bravo. I couldn't have said it any better."The Berlin tabloid is notorious for targeting politicians and doesn't hold back in its attacks". Reporters tried to ask Trump that earlier this week.

"We're going to be paying billions and billions and billions of dollars", Trump claimed in his Rose Garden announcement.

And Friday morning, his counselor Kellyanne Conway was also asked the question on ABC's "Good Morning America".

At City Hall and on the streets, Pittsburgh residents expressed support for efforts to combat global warming and complained that the president, in singling out this city of 300,000, seemed to be thinking of a smoke-belching, soot-choked Pittsburgh that no longer even exists. Although this level of temperature change may seem paltry, the deal put significant strain on food and energy production, as well as on clean water sources. He's received awards as a businessman in that regard.

Portland, Ore. -based Keen believes the US should be more invested in climate change, and not distance itself from efforts to fight it.

"You know, people have called me a climate skeptic or a climate denier", he said.

Plank is one of several CEOs to speak out against Trump's decision. "There is no backsliding on the Paris agreement", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

"Well, that's up to them, right?" While $3 billion may sound like a lot of money to most people, for the United States government, which took in some $16.5 trillion in GDP previous year, it's a pretty paltry sum. After all, we're the United States and we are leading with respect to Carbon dioxide reduction.

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