Ivanka Trump Gets Roasted After LGBTQ Tweets

For June only, Instagram is offering new pride stickers. "Because your father isn't celebrating us - that's for damn sure!"

President George W. Bush did not recognize Pride Month, while President Clinton did. Vice President Mike Pence has been openly opposed to marriage equality, and signed an IN law that many perceived as allowing discrimination against the LBGT community, according to CNN.

Obama's declaration of pride month also included White House receptions hosting prominent members of the LGBTQ community. He didn't issue a proclamation like his predecessor nor has he scheduled any White House events honoring the significant month.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence has a record of being even more hostile to LBGTQ rights, publicly opposing marriage equality and apparently expressing support for so-called "conversion therapy".

June 1 has come and gone, and President Donald Trump did not make sort of proclamation that it was LGBTQ Pride month.

Here are the 10 best tweets, amusing memes, and reactions to Ivanka Trump's #Pride2017 Tweet that completely shut down her too-little-too-late attempt at showing support for the LGBTQ community and LGBT Pride Month 2017.

In a separate tweet, Ivanka Trump said she was "proud" to "support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans who have made enormous contributions to our society and economy".

Meanwhile her father, President Trump, has rolled back protections for trans people using the bathroom.

Ivanka Trump is not feeling the love of the Twitterverse.

Ivanka Trump was not able to change President Trump's mind on the subject, as he withdrew the USA from the agreement - signed by all countries but Syria and Nicaragua - on Thursday, setting off waves of anger among world leaders and climate change experts around the world.

  • Leroy Wright