Illinois Lawmakers Adjourn Regular Legislative Session Without Approving A State Budget

People from across the state including an unemployed disabled couple, a nurse, students and a WWII veteran, joined the Fair Economy Illinois coalition's March to Springfield to call for a budget that supports low-income families, students, the elderly and others who have borne the brunt of Illinois' historic two-year budget impasse. Comptroller Susana Mendoza's office warns the state is "about to reach the breaking point at which court-ordered payments will exceed the state's revenues".

State Rep. Carol Ammons: "The governor has made it clear that his focus is on pushing changes in state law that benefit the top 1% before he will agree to even negotiate on an honest budget".

"There's only one reason that we're still even able to get any type of help financially, and that's because IL has not defaulted on its bond payments", Mendoza says.

Speaker Madigan told media on Wednesday that the democratic record has shown they responded to Rauner's request to have "meaningful reform" for a budget with a tax hike and that they will be doing that, "through the month of June".

Don't let legislators of both parties and members of the executive branch get away with their inaction. Vendors wait six months to be paid from a $14.5 billion pile of overdue bills.

If there's no deal by Thursday, action will require a three-fifths majority in both houses.

A revamp of the state's 20-year-old school funding formula was passed late Wednesday, but faces a questionable future.

Gov. Bruce Rauner says lawmakers' inability to create a budget plan he'll accept for the third straight year is a "dereliction of duty". All of this damage is occurring on top of the interest that is racking up on our ballooning backlog of unpaid bills-costing taxpayers more money in the long-run.

Those efforts fell apart weeks ago, and Democrats passed a $37.3 billion budget blueprint that never got a vote in the House.

And the House didn't vote on the Senate's plan.

House Democrats struggled to find the votes to pass a tax hike bill sent over by the Senate, some say because of outside pressure from the Rauner political machine. Madigan issued statements on Wednesday regarding the State budget, local government consolidation measure, Workers' Compensation reforms.

The State of IL will not have a fiscal 2018 budget by the end of its Spring legislative session, which is midnight Wednesday night. That budget was not taken up by the House.

Some say lawmakers were better to bounce toward a balanced budget, which would be the first in IL in 16 years.

That irked Senate President John Cullerton, a Chicago Democrat, who generated the most attention all spring by attempting to negotiate a budget-blockade break with Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno of Lemont. Committee hearings are scheduled to consider legislation that will only have substantive language added to it shortly before public airing. But Democrats say Rauner keeps moving the goalpost.

Kelly said that hurt a lot of downstate schools specifically because we just don't have the property tax base from which to pull funding like they have in the suburban collar counties near Chicago.

Gov. Rauner: And, then, last year, they didn't even pass any budget whatsoever.

  • Zachary Reyes