Hundreds demonstrate in Kabul for more security

The funeral was for a senator's son - one of five people killed when police fired on demonstrators at a march in Kabul.

The Taliban threatened "harsh exemplary attacks" in a statement on its website, including the killing of foreign hostages it holds if the government executes the 11 prisoners.

The hilly, wind-swept site was littered with bloodied corpses and dismembered limbs, local television footage showed, with one witness telling AFP that "people were blown to pieces" due to the impact of the blasts.

The incident sent clouds of black smoke spiralling into the sky near the presidential palace and foreign embassies.

Mr Danish said at least six people had been killed, while a witness who did not want to be quoted by name told the Reuters news agency that 12 people had died and 18 had been wounded.

Hundreds of demonstrators demanded better security in the Afghan capital in the wake of a powerful truck bomb attack that killed scores o.

The government has blamed the Taliban-allied Haqqani Network for the attack.

With more than 400 people wounded, the injured spilled over into hospital hallways as people were still searching for missing relatives.

The violence comes as a regional summit is scheduled for Tuesday in Afghanistan to promote peace, security and reconciliation.

The conference will be a "visible reminder to all those who seek to harm Afghanistan that the Afghan people are never alone", United States ambassador to Afghanistan Hugo Llorens said.

Some protesters on June 2 were demanding the execution specifically of Anas Haqqani, son of the Haqqani network's founder, who has been held by the Afghan government since 2014.

While accusing security personnel for using "excessive" force during Friday's protest, some members of the civil society said the rally was hijacked by a group of armed men.

"The genuine anger expressed by the protesters, many of whom suffered the loss of family and friends, is fully understandable", said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan. The enemies of Afghanistan can not win.

The attack was the deadliest to have apparently targeted government or diplomatic buildings in Kabul since a Taliban suicide bomber and gunman killed more than 60 in an attack on intelligence headquarters in April 2016.

There were close to 1,000 protestors at the site of the bombing itself, claiming Ghani and his government were responsible for it.

  • Leroy Wright