How accurate was Trump's Paris climate agreement speech?

He also called Trump's decision "deeply discouraging", and urged his followers to support a number of organizations that are committed to fighting climate change and combating the Trump agenda, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and Indivisible Guide, a Trump resistance manual.

US President Donald Trump says the Paris climate pact is unfair to the United States.

Trump, tapping into the "America First" message he used when he was elected president past year, said the Paris accord would undermine the United States economy, cost USA jobs, weaken American national sovereignty and put the country at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world.

The White House has also faced fierce pressure to participate in the Paris agreement from the leaders of other nations, who have vowed to push forward with or without the United States.

Brown is about to begin a trip to China to discuss emissions-reduction policies with other leaders and has promised to fill the void left by the Trump administration.

"As far as the vulnerable developing countries are concerned they have long since factored in this non-payment of the U.S.'s dues", said Saleemul Huq, of the University of Bangladesh.

"Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up-and there isn't anything Washington can do to stop us", Bloomberg said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Reactions to today's withdrawal have been echoed in various other statements from city leaders.

Even former President Barack Obama broke the silence traditionally maintained by former presidents to help ease the country's transition into new leadership.

"We at Under Armour are disappointed by the Administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement as climate change continues to threaten our planet, our cities and our economies", Plank said in a statement.

He complained in particular about China's terms under the agreement.

Scientists say every fraction of a degree change in average temperatures can lead to noticeable swings in local weather patterns, though exact consequences are hard to predict.

The consortium also estimates that United States emissions would remain relatively flat if Trump succeeds at rolling back those Obama policies, increasing the country's total greenhouse-gas emissions by 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, compared with previous projections.

"A majority of Americans support remaining in the Paris agreement, as do numerous country's largest and most successful companies including Starbucks, Nike, Google and Apple".

China's reaction from Beijing came after US President Donald Trump triggered worldwide alarm on Thursday when he announced the US was withdrawing from the agreement, arguing that the deal was too lenient on India, China and Europe.

The goal of the Paris Accord is to reduce the impact of climate change.

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that the US withdrawal won't prevent the rest of the world from pressing ahead with efforts to curb global warming.

"I'm more anxious about what people pay for electricity in Paris, Arkansas, than I am the Paris Climate Accord, which would make them pay a lot more", Cotton said. "This situation needs to be thoroughly assessed", TASS news agency quoted Putin as saying.

  • Joanne Flowers