Here's The Bold Way France Responded To Trump's Climate Deal Exit

Does he or doesn't he?

Then EPA Administrator-designate Scott Pruitt testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, on January 18, 2017, at his confirmation hearing.

The hysteria in the United States, and to a lesser extent Canada, over President Donald Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement is laughable. Several heads of state protested, USA corporate executives such as Tesla's Elon Musk and Disney's Robert Iger withdrew from White House advisory councils and governors from various states protested vociferously on TV.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt dodged the question, too.

The president also ignored it during an unrelated bill-signing.

The group, the "Under2 " coalition, which takes its name from the Paris accord's effort to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, has grown to 170 jurisdictions representing more than a third of the global economy over the past two years - including 10 states in the United States.

Even though Russia appears evasive when it comes to cutting down its emissions, unlike Trump, the Russian leader acknowledges that climate change is being driven by man-made carbon emissions. "Global warming is occurring", he said.

But Trump has been largely silent on the issue since his election last fall. Their conversation was strictly confined to whether the Paris Climate Accord is good for the country. Instead, he framed his decision as based on economics.

Environmental activists in Bosnia, one of the poorest European countries, said they were anxious the Trump's move would empower global polluters. Whichever way we see this, the climate change train is on the rails and it will power on. In almost every instance, he expressed skepticism or mockery.

Bush's economic claims sparked a series of dueling economic reviews a decade ago, kicked off by the 2006 Stern Review, which essentially found that it actually was 20 times more costly for the global economy to let greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, rather than cutting them.

The same message was echoed in the president's books.

In Congress, other Republican leaders, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, for example, have taken a similar tone on climate change.

The Washington Post reported what happened in the White House press briefing room this afternoon. "This requires our efforts to resolve existing issues".

"I am not a believer", he added, "Unless somebody can prove something to me".

"We believe that there have been changes in the global situation, and there will be rising uncertainty and destabilizing factors", he said.

Through crestfallen, Trudeau reiterated to the president "Canada's continued commitment to working internationally to address climate change".

"I think there's a change in weather". "I would say that there are climate exaggerators".

Then-campaign manager, Conway explained Trump's view this way: "He believes that global warming is naturally occurring".

On Thursday, he released a video in English as well as French in which he criticised Trump for pulling out of the Paris accord and coined the "Make our planet great again" slogan. I look forward to working with you as we step up to the challenge. "I have an open mind to it".

"We are going to resist", said Rep. Air quality is so bad that one can not see the sun for days on end in numerous country's mega cities.

He joked that Trump's move made him a convenient person to blame for any bad weather, including wet snow in Moscow on Friday.

  • Leroy Wright