Four New England States join Paris climate goal alliance

"The pledge aims to fill a significant funding gap that comes as a result of President Donald Trump's announced withdrawal from the Paris agreement and proposed steep budget cuts for worldwide programs, including on climate", the Bloomberg Philanthropies statement reads. "We will support them and fight on their side".

Under the Paris climate accord, which the US ratified in 2016, countries committed to limiting greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to levels that can be naturally absorbed, among other things.

While government funding remains vital, Espinosa said, "this kind of support is crucial for the work of the Secretariat to assist nations in their efforts to implement their commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement". I'm encouraged by the signs from states, cities and businesses that we will, in fact, continue American efforts to uphold the goals of the Accord in spite of Trump's withdrawal.

It would also help fulfil the Paris agreement reporting requirements so the world could track the US's progress.

The United States under this accord had pledged to cut greenhouse emissions 26 to 28 per cent by 2025 and agreed to pay 3 billion dollar in aid for other poor and developing countries by 2020. Noting that the U.S. has significant steps to reduce its Carbon dioxide footprint to levels of the pre-1990s, Pruitt said this was achieved largely because of technology, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, that has allowed a conversion to and natural gas and the generation of electricity.

In a phone call with the US President, Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her "disappointment" and stressed that the United Kingdom remains committed to the Paris agreement. The Paris Agreement is an worldwide agreement meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global climate change. Indeed, leading military experts, including Secretary of Defense James Mattis, have warned that the impact of climate change will lead to more refugee flows, more starvation, more conflict, and more terrorism.

"As I indicated several times in the process", Pruitt responded, visibly annoyed, "there is enough to deal with with respect to the Paris Agreement and making an informed decision about this important issue".

"A rogue U.S. can cause more damage inside. than outside of the agreement", said Luke Kemp, a climate policy lecturer at the Australian National University.

An MIT scientist has accused US President Donald Trump of manipulation and misuse of an MIT study he co-authored to justify the decision of pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the first global climate pact with worldwide representation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Being part of the Paris agreement gives Durham a chance share ideas with other cities nationwide and across the globe, he said. "France believes in you (the US), the world believes in you, but don't be mistaken on climate; there is no plan B because there is no planet B", Macron further said.

  • Carolyn Briggs