Family of suspect in Portland stabbing offers condolences

The FBI is investigating the attack to determine whether to charge Christian with terrorism or a federal hate crime, said Portland FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele. "I'll stab you, too, (expletive)", he said.

Pardon me, but I can't help but wonder whether the president would have taken as long with his sentiments or sounded as perfunctory if the murder suspect had been a Muslim.

His recorded statements in the police vehicle were revealed in an affidavit released Tuesday. That's what liberalism gets you.

"I hope they all die". I'm gonna say that on the stand.

Another Patriot Prayer event is scheduled this weekend in Portland, on June 4, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has called on organizers to cancel the event.

Christian was arraigned on murder charges in Portland on Tuesday. OR has not executed a prisoner in more than two decades.

Tuesday, Christian's case was assigned to a judge and an attorney requested a speedy trial.

This bold boast, and affidavits detailing his hate-filled his rant on the train, came on the heels of a startling report by CNN. Upon boarding a light-rail train in the northwestern metropolis, Christian reportedly began hurling racial epithets at two young women, one of whom was wearing a hijab. "We need Americans here!" As the 35-year-old entered the courtroom, he yelled about free speech before saying, "Death to the enemies of America. He was just telling us that we basically weren't anything and that we should kill ourselves".

One passenger tried to intervene and was not hurt, and the women moved away from the defendant. "This man is screaming at you, his face is a pile of knives, his body is a gun".

Mangum and her friend moved to the back of the train.

Police and witnesses say the victims were defending two teen girls who were the focus of Christian's tirade.

Shouting then turned into bloodshed.

Christian showed no remorse for stabbing and killing retired Army sergeant Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, when they stepped in to protect a 16-year-old girl and her friend last Friday. It wasn't clear if he said something to draw Christian's attention, but he stood up as Christian began shouting at him. Fletcher told investigators Christian "threatened to decapitate people". Fletcher shoved Christian so hard Christian lost his balance and told him to get off the train, the affidavit said.

Fletcher was wounded and days later delivered this message.

But, as the Southern Poverty Law Center's profile of him notes, Christian's Facebook page shows "an individual all over the political spectrum" who also holds some racist and other extremist beliefs. Christian next stabbed Namkai-Meche twice in the neck, the affidavit stated. Best then tried to come to their aid and was stabbed.

But he choked up when he spoke about the two men who died, Namkai-Meche and Best.

Chase Robinson, a passenger on the train, thought a fistfight had broken out and tried to break it up.

"Tell everyone on the train I love them". After stumbling and telling Fletcher to hit him again, court documents say Christian stabbed Fletcher in the neck.

A hospital spokeswoman says Fletcher was released Monday night. A 21-year-old man survived his injuries. Christian was allegedly harassing brown people on the train.

Ayoub said the tragedy has sparked much-needed debates about anti-Muslim bias in the US. Several men intervened and a fight ensued. All three were injured in the altercation, Namkai-Meche and Best fatally so.

As she pressed her own shirt onto the wound on his neck, she looked into his eyes. She and another man stayed by the recent college graduate's side, she told the Oregonian. "What you did was total kindness". Christian next stabbed Namkai-Meche twice in the neck, the affidavit said.

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