Explosions kill at least 6 attending Kabul funeral

At least 15 Afghans were killed when three back-to-back explosions ripped through a funeral Saturday for one of the demonstrators killed during anti-government protests Friday, authorities said.

The back to back explosions targeted people gathered for a funeral to mourn the son of Senator Mohammad Alam Izdyar, killed the day before in protests against the government for lax security, when police fired live rounds into the crowds.

Ezadyar is deputy speaker for the upper house of the country's parliament.

Relatives of a wounded man push his wheelchair outside an Italian aid organization's hospital following the explosions, which targeted the funeral of a politician's son who was killed during an anti-government protest a day earlier.

Afghan government blamed the bloody terrorist attack on Haqqani network, the military wing of Taliban outfit operating in Kabul and the eastern region of the militancy-battered Afghanistan.

The funeral was for protester who was killed by security operatives during marches by demonstrators demanding better security in Afghanistan. A further 18 people were reported to have been wounded.

Before noon, thousands of people converged on the site of Wednesday's blast in Kabul's diplomatic zone, shouting chants against President Ashraf Ghani and hoisting banners with gruesome photographs from the bombing. "This act of police and government proves that peaceful demonstration would not be useful anymore".

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who was present at the funeral service along with several cabinet members, including the foreign minister, later told a nationally televised news conference three bombers detonated their vests while mourners were offering their prayers. "We must be strong and united", he said.

Meanwhile, Kabul Garrison General Command urged protesters to abstain from any gatherings or demonstration, citing the risk of terrorist attacks on large gathering of people.

At least four people died in Friday's protests.

Isis has been attempting to expand its presence in Afghanistan, claiming a separate bombing on Wednesday in Jalalabad that killed a Taliban member, and has called for increased global terror attacks during Ramadan.

Police said two protesters were killed on Friday and 25 police injured, but would not comment on the number of fatalities when asked to clarify the death toll on Saturday. Even before the attack, 715 civilians had been killed in the first three months of the year after almost 3,500 in 2016, the deadliest year on record for Afghan civilians.

  • Leroy Wright