EPA chief defends Trump's action on climate accord

Trump, tapping into the "America first" message he used when he was elected president a year ago, said he would withdraw the United States from the landmark 2015 global agreement on tackling global warming.

President Trump's speech in the Rose Garden on Thursday was remarkable - and deeply disturbing.

On Friday, the head of Russia's state-controlled Rosneft oil giant said that that a rise in shale oil output in the US would likely offset the effect from the OPEC and Russian production cuts. It was the ceremonial launch of the true Trump doctrine.

"The Paris Agreement remains a historic treaty signed by 194 and ratified by 147 counties". In both cases, these certainly deserve discussion.

Norway's largest pension fund with 53 billion euro ($59.5 billion) in assets under its management said it would continue to invest in renewable energy despite the American president's decision, saying in a statement that "Donald Trump is jumping off a train that has already left the station". The poll, which surveyed participants from a national sample, also found that about 47 percent of Trump voters said the United States should participate in the Paris Accord, compared with about 28 percent who said it should not.

Let's make no mistake though: the absence of USA leadership, policy clout and climate finance will be felt, and the U.S. leaving the Paris Agreement is bad news for the global climate regime.

The aim of this conspiracy was described in different ways, but most clearly in terms of allies allegedly preventing the United States from opening new coal mines.

This early estimate was based on the assumption that no American city, region or company compensates for the federal shortfall in emissions cuts, which is unlikely as many have challenged the wisdom of Trump's decision and pledged to stay the clean energy course.

"The question I have for Donald TrumpDonald TrumpThe Hill's 12:30 Report Pelosi: Trump endangering his own grandchildren with Paris deal move Wylcef Jean: Anti-Trump celebs should be more like Kimmel than Kathy Griffin MORE, as a mother ... of five and a grandmother of nine, is how is he ever going to explain to his grandchildren what he did to the air they breathe - assuming they breathe air".

Economically, the Paris accord would have helped promote a boon in domestic green jobs, she said - jobs that might now shift overseas.

"We remember the great leaders", he said. But it is primarily a bad deal for the US. Truly wise words by one of the greatest strategic thinkers of our age.

A pariah state is the one whose conduct does not follow worldwide standards, a term used by Robinson in the response to Trump's announcement by The Elders, a group of political veterans founded a decade ago by the late South African leader Nelson Mandela to promote world peace. An "America First" doctrine could, in theory, be combined with some sort of leadership. Woods is facing pressure from global investors, who passed a resolution (over the board's objection) calling on Exxon to provide more disclosure on climate-related economic risks.

Since Trump's inauguration on January 20, there has been the hope that the administration would gradually modify its policy approach and that the "adults" would gradually assert themselves. Security cooperation comes to mind here, among other, which the current administration cares much about. At times, action has matched these messages.

'It is not true that we are in front of a full glass that will be empty if the United States leaves, ' he stressed.

It added that the USA decision was leading to a shift in global geopolitics with China and the European Union already positioning themselves to take the lead in climate action.

  • Zachary Reyes